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FloriDada is from Animal Collective’s Painting With out now. Lyrics below. Produced by PFFR Directed by PFFR Animated by kyttenjanae & Caleb Wood Edited by Jon Philpot Order it today: CD / LP: Digital: Animal Collective online: Tweets by anmlcollective FloriDada lyrics: Child of limousines What’s the best place That you have seen all of the hands That you have shook Home of the queen of everything fancy Is there a smell That you can tell gives you some peace sends you to hell all of the beds That you have yearned Is there a dream to where you’d return Where is the plight With the most stars Where do you drink By Echo guitars What’s the best shore Seen from a boat Miniature heads that color the shore line If you could rest A minute to tell Get me some grass Iridescent shells I know there’s a nest Fit with a hatch Sunset a glowin’ Makes us all sweaty I don’t even know where to begin or how I should start these days. The green mountain south or The Clay of the westerns The Maryland meadows at midnight they do have a misty grace Take a trip to blue bayou Find Roy Orbison cryin’ A continent molded from glass or maybe a town I can taste. Dresses that glow on girls from Barcelona I wanna discover the key And open the everywhere place A mix of sky from Montana dipped in FloriDada FloriDada Old demented men Where is the place We can extend Crooked state lines Polka dot signs Say that this place is a state of mind Pretty lip girls Paint me the halls Not on a street Not near a mall Raise me a thumb From human skin That isn’t judged by where […]

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  • Francis Francis 4 years ago

    Just heard Bobby McFerrin – Battle of Jericho quite similar to the chorus of Floridada…cool lookalike

  • Closed Account 4 years ago

    This reminds me of the 90's, when I was a young child. I use to go to my uncle's house in Florida for the summer. He would invite his friends over and they would rub my skin with lotion. After his friends left, he would take me into his backyard. I would be thrown into a pile of bones. He would bend me over and force a drill into my ass. He would slam my face into the bones, I could smell the blood of the bones. He would then pound my ass. He did this everyday for the whole summer. On the last day of summer before I headed home, my uncle said that if I told anyone, he'd kill me. Only 90's kids would know. :)

  • TheMate01 4 years ago

    way to go floriduh

  • Null ­ 4 years ago

    I feel transcendent.

  • Sydney M 4 years ago

    I love this so much

  • mass mass shooting mass mass shooting

  • Crystal Cyst 4 years ago

    Animal Collective predicted the Florida massacre of 06/12/2016

  • MirumExMachina 4 years ago

    The video is so 80s it's not even funny

  • Wangdangdoodilydang .g 4 years ago


  • Luna Althea 4 years ago

    I think I died

  • Icefeather112 4 years ago

    Anyone else misinterpret the Florida shape for something else..? Dear god this is creepy.

  • Communistpeppers 4 years ago

    Great, I regret listening to this song. It's going to be in my head even when I die.

  • Liam Hicks 4 years ago

    Amazing song and video, thank you!

  • Anita Sarkeesian's butt smells 4 years ago

    I'am so triggered right now! SAFESPACES!SAFESPACES!

  • Enhanced Pyrotechnics 4 years ago

    epilepsy is weird.

  • hankowen99 4 years ago

    this is shit

  • Tom Schillaci 4 years ago

    it's weird

  • TehPompkinHead 4 years ago

    What is off the coast of Florida?

  • Дарина Русских 4 years ago