The coniferous bonsai are made with plants such as fir, pine and juniper, plants typical of the mountains but also of hot and dry areas. Discover in this list all the coniferous trees that can be grown as bonsai and learn the details for a correct cultivation of each species

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  • Cypress – Cupressus

    Cypress bonsai
    Family of conifers, generally evergreen, originating from the eastern Mediterranean, spread to all

  • Juniper bonsai

    juniper bonsai
    Plant belonging to the group of conifers, the juniper bonsai looks like a particular species

  • Spruce – Picea abies

    Picea bonsai
    imposing-looking evergreen conifer, widespread in Europe and North America, in nature it can ragg

  • Spruce bonsai

    Spruce bonsai
    Fir is an evergreen conifer that is widespread in the forests of the Northern Hemisphere and often

  • Boschetto Bonsai

    Boschetto Bonsai
    Bonsai are trees or shrubs, grown in pots, in order to remain miniaturized, with dimension

  • Coniferous bonsai

    Coniferous bonsai
    Bonsai enthusiasts often choose specimens of conifers to produce their works of art

  • Pine, Five-needle pine – Pinu pentaphylla

    Pine bonsai
    evergreen conifer native to Asia, and in particular to Japan; in nature these trees po


Coniferous Bonsai tips

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