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Concepts of Algorithm, Flow Chart & C Programming by Prof. Wongmulin | Dept. of Computer Science Garden City College-Bangalore Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIntroduction to Programming concepts (Part 1)Vertical farming designs & concepts. – Energy technology investigation 2012 part 2 episode 1Analysis and Design of Algorithmssmall indoor DIY ebb & flow hydroponics systemSuper Simple Ebb & Flow Hydroponics SystemHow does efficient flat roof insulation work? Concepts from a construction site with Neopor

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  • Don Simley Endoh 1 year ago

    waoh loved the lesson on flowchart please would need more lessons but sir can u send it to me through whatsapp?? that's my number 651365758 waiting

  • Irene Among 1 year ago

    Good one. Thanks

  • Rishiraj Mukherjee 1 year ago

    guys i am 11 years old and i learning c programming but i can not understand what should i do now and which language should i learn first

  • Dizilerden Kesitler 1 year ago

    I have 2 questions Could you help me ?

  • zaiba khanum 1 year ago

    it is useful sir

  • Emraan Al Qurayshi 1 year ago

    Thank you Sir…

  • Khabib Mubarak 1 year ago

    tell me step to summing N numbers but only odd number..please help me

  • Bilal Ali 1 year ago


  • Coding Classroom 1 year ago

    Subscribe us for more flowchart algorithms problems

  • Coding Classroom 1 year ago

    great tutorial

  • siddalinga reddy 1 year ago

    u r super sir

  • Dodagunta Kalyanreddy 1 year ago

    sir I want to to learn how to write a c program by using for loop

  • MegaNerf LOL 1 year ago

    you are homo's

  • RAMJAN RAEEN 1 year ago

    I want to learn algorithm in data structure using 'C' and also code.

  • RAMJAN RAEEN 1 year ago

    I like it with heartily.
    thank you also.

  • Rajaram R 1 year ago

    ll be useful i hope !!!

  • Fibi Tukka 1 year ago

    Gaskiya! i Love this approach to Learning, meanwhile am about to adopt the methods outlined therein. Thanks

  • Youssef M. Al-Aasar 1 year ago

    thanks sir

  • Relax “Hunter” Boy 1 year ago

    My friends are in GCC but they did not tell me about you sir !
    So nice and helpful tutorial !

  • Mr “I don't know anything.” Nobody 1 year ago

    This is so good!