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COMPOST, Pollinators, Raised Beds | Miracle Haven Garden | Phoenix, Arizona | Part 5

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  • Sean Stack

    Great video Kaye, Kristi is an inspiration and considering the injuries she sustained at the hands of medical care she has such a pleasant, positive and articulate way of setting out her story and her approach to overcoming her challenges. Happy Christmas Kaye to you and all your family and those who assist you in making these videos. Sean in Dublin, Ireland

  • Maricela Hinojosa

    What an inspirational garden! I loved her determination to not allow her illness to define her or her will. You can tell she is full of life and joy from looking at her beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nia Lin

    I love an artist’s garden! Always full of unexpected, yet beautiful creations! I totally agree with her regarding the miracle of seeds. I still can’t believe what I get from a seed! It’s a miracle process that never ceases to amaze me. Her garden is a perfect example of what you can create over a period of years on a strict budget. It’s gonna be 2, 3, 5 yrs later anyway, so why not have a natural, restorative haven when the time comes? Patience in gardening is always rewarded. You’ve found some great folks in AZ! Thanks so much for making sure we get to “meet” them too!

  • Backwoods Mama-Wife

    Garden videos keep me sane the months I can't get out in the dirt! Today we got a random snow shower and we only reached a high of 32 during the day. It's currently 25 but with the windchill feeling more like 18. – Kayla

  • Miracle Haven Garden

    Kaye, Hello! Thank you for posting this beautiful video. You shared my story and garden so graciously and I am beyond words. You are so talented! Thank you!!! I do hope your delightful followers will visit me on Instagram or fb @miraclehavengarden as you mentioned. It would be so fun. A million blessings to you – Thank you! ❤️