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COMPLETE Vegetable Garden Update – July 10, 2018// The garden is doing well, and I wanted to do a complete tour of my entire front yard vegetable garden. This is the first July garden update of 2018 and it will definitely not be the last. Subscribe! – Tomatoes I am growing this year: -Big Beef (Hybrid) -Better Boy (Hybrid) -Brandywine (Heirloom) -Cherokee Purple (Heirloom) -San Marzano (Heirloom) -Blush (Heirloom) -Lucky Tiger (Heirloom) -Sun Gold (Hybrid) Peppers I am growing this year: -Sweet Banana (Heirloom) -Red Bell (Heirloom) -Long Red Cayenne (Heirloom) -Ghost Pepper MUSIC: Arrival by MBB Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0… Music promoted by Audio Library ✅SUPPORT MY CHANNEL: ►SUBSCRIBE (It’s free!) ►LIKE ►COMMENT ►SHARE ✅WATCH MORE: ►Welcome to “LucasGrowsBest” Channel: ►Huge Organic Carolina Reaper Pepper Harvest From Plant In Its 2nd Year!: ►August 2017 Pepper Garden Tour – GROWING DEADLY PEPPERS!: ►How to Successfully “Overwinter” Chili Pepper Plants (Detailed Guide) : ►1 SIMPLE Method to Transplanting Pepper Seedlings Grown Indoors| Easy Steps to Transplanting Peppers: ►How to make LUCAS’S CLASSIC TOMATO SANDWICH: ►June 2018 Vegetable Garden Tour/Montage with Music: ►A Day in the Life of Darth Vader in 2018 | A STAR WARS Short Film: ►GHOST PEPPER HARVEST TIME!! Huge Yield From Only One Plant!: ►Epic Homemade Movie Trailer – LUCAS SNIPES YOU Trailer 2017: ►How to Make “Ghost Pepper” Hot Sauce! CRAZY HEAT!!!: ►Growing Peppers From Seed Indoors 2018 – Pepper Seedling Montage: ►Unboxing and Building “The Burrow” 415 piece 3D Wrebbit Harry Potter Puzzle: ►Tips to Grow Healthy Pepper Seedlings Indoors (Pepper Seedling Update #2): ✅CHECK OUT THESE AWESOME PLAYLISTS: ►How to Make/DIY — ►Pepper Growing Series 2018 — ►Garden Updates — ►Every Single Upload From LucasGrowsBest — […]

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  • Olivia's Orchids & More 7 months ago

    I just came across your channel and what a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing.

  • ILBackyardFarm 7 months ago

    dude, that banana pepper plant was loaded! nice.

  • ILBackyardFarm 7 months ago

    you're tomatoes should be fine. you trimmed the suckers so that of course helps get the fruit started sooner than later. just subscribed!

  • Bill's Allotments 2 Plots of Heaven 7 months ago

    Hi your doing great for peppers this season and that one plant having so many on it wow , over here in UK we can only grow the bell pepper outside if we get a reasonable summer , and chillies in a greenhouse or tunnel .all the best bill and val

  • Nick's Allotment Diary 7 months ago

    Hi mate, I think your tomato plants look very healthy. Give it another month and you’ll be overrun with them! Your pepper plants look really good this year. Those banana peppers have produced so well. Mine have been so slow this year. Hopefully I’ll get a few peppers by the end of the season. Take care. Nick

  • Never Enough Dirt 7 months ago

    Nice to see this update. Also, nice setup. I like how you have a multiple setups for the tomatoes.

  • Christa's Garden 7 months ago

    Your peppers look amazing! What did you mean when you said something about the homeowners not liking the cramped up look?

  • Okapilco Creek Farms 7 months ago

    Hey Lucas. Just found your channel and subscribed. I agree about the road to 1K. We are a brand new channel doing farm, garden, homestead, greenhouse stuff. Please check us out and subscribe, It would mean a lot to us. I'm looking forward to watching more of your videos.

  • GeniusVadim 7 months ago

    Nice garden Lucas! Believe it or not I found you from APEX RISES video "how to record youtube videos on Xbox One"

  • Sushy 7 months ago

    Wow so many peppers again :O What are you going to do with all those :O I do not know many differnt pepper species so I cannot identify the peppers on that plant.

  • In the garden with Papa 7 months ago

    Good update my friend


  • Those are really cool dogs you have ! ! !


    You are REALLY playing in the dirt! Looks great! Especially the peppers.

  • Isabella & Jaidyns Garden Adventures 7 months ago

    What fertilizer do you use on your peppers and tomatoes?

  • Isabella & Jaidyns Garden Adventures 7 months ago

    Our tomatoes are at the same stage right now. We use a stretchy material as well. Holy banana peppers!!!! Did you ever film that video where you were going to compare topped peppers vs non topped? i was thinking about taste testing some of our hot peppers as well, not sure if i will actually do it haha.