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Wanna build your own Complete Grow Tent Kit? Click here to learn more ► We built a complete grow tent system and we’ll be uploading 12 full weeks of growing results and information. Sit back and enjoy as Alan from explain his methods on growing quality plants inside this setup. Everything you need to grow plants indoors ► Social Media: Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsComplete Hydro Grow Tent Kit System – Week 3 Grow Journal | Harvest by week 12Complete Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit System – Week 4 Grow Journal | Ebb and Flow Horticulture GardenGrowing Tent Complete Kit For Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics: TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit1 Light 1 Plant Hydro Grow Tent Setup Red Deisel STUPID! week 7Sensi Dispensary Complete Grow Tent Kit – Fullbloom HydroponicsStep by Step Guide: Complete 6.5ft x 6.5ft Ebb and Flow Grow Tent Setup for Hydroponic Gardening

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  • Luca Brassi 7 months ago

    So this isnt about weed

  • Jeriel Lopez 7 months ago

    What reaction will happen if you don't dilute first?

  • Dona Davis 7 months ago

    I have to say …the customer service at GrowAce is excellent! I ordered my room at 12:15AM and they already shipped my package.

  • Dona Davis 7 months ago

    In my grow tent can I grow more than one veggie in a pot? For example, can I grow tomatoes and cherry tomatoes together? Garlic/turmeric/ginger? Or not? Can I grow more than one herb in the same pot like parsley/cilantro/tyme/rosemary. Will I have separators or is that something I need to invent myself? LOL. I am really getting excited.

  • Dona Davis 7 months ago

    OK, I just watched the grow tent video on your website. My concern is about ventilation using the soil grow system. What if I just let the ventilation vent go back into the room instead of outside. What would happen?

  • Dona Davis 7 months ago

    I just watched your videos and am wondering if I got the Hydroponic System how often will I need to change the water. If I got the Soil grow system will it be less labor intensive?

  • Jason G Cole 7 months ago

    Heck i thought this was a 420 grow…….

  • Lake City Cannabis 7 months ago

    This was great thank you. I just got my first one and I'll be leveraging this as well.

  • BigRob 830 7 months ago

    Did you know that, the ppm meter your using in this video, has a hidden button? If you press right between the 2 buttons there's a button that reads the temp also. I found by accident. Pretty cool find I guess. I don't know, I was happy.

  • Bagelstorm 7 months ago

    cocoa powder?

  • Leo nitus 7 months ago

    WHAT?! Its the bikeberry guy.

  • Rich Milhoan 7 months ago

    Good video

  • Tom Green 7 months ago

    HUM COCO , yum

  • Michael Strauss 7 months ago

    @growace when initially running off water from soil, any specifics for that water? can the water be a neutral pH of 7 w/ppm 400?

  • Chris White 7 months ago

    Boy plants don't make anything except Pollen… not seeds. Only a male and a female plants can do that (or hermaphrodite)

  • GrowAce 7 months ago

    Hey Everyone, week 2 is up! Click here to continue:

  • Stealthor 7 months ago

    equal parts coco/perlite/worm castings FTW! Make living soil and throw out the nutrient bottles.

  • Montelm4l mann 7 months ago

    also who has tap water below 30 ppm… huh I think u ment 300