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In this video, I give insight on a complete 4×8 grow tent setup for growing cannabis – indoor garden. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section and click that thumbs up button if you haven’t already 🙂 Link to forum- This is my backup/highlights YouTube channel. You can get to my main YouTube channel here: Equipment I use- ★Premium Content★ My How To Grow ebook- My How To Grow audio book- My How To Grow video course- Patreon- ★Products shown/mentioned in this video★ Grow tent- Grow light- Inline fan, filter, duct kit- Cloudline inline fan- Temperature & humidity monitor- Humidifier- Heater- Fabric grow pots- Soil- pH meter- Storage solution- Calibration solution- EC meter- TDS tester- Rope ratchets- Nutrients- CalMag- Oscillating fan- Camera used- Tripod- ★Gardening Education Links★ Gardening equipment I recommend: My website for gardening education: ★Social Media★ Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowing Tent Complete Kit For Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics: TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete KitMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDEN! – GROWING CANNABIS IN GROW TENTSBest Indoor Grow Tent Kits – How To Setup Your Indoor Home GardenHow to Convert an All-In-One Indoor Hydroponic Garden System to Grow CannabisIvation Herb Indoor Garden Kit Complete Hydroponic Grow System for Herbs, Plants & Vegetables…Cultivea Complete Kit of Herbs – Grow Your Own indoor garden

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  • NorthernCaliWay 1 year ago

    I bought a cheap 4×8 tent from a local shop not sure wat brand the owner of the shop ordered it for me and the zipper broke 1 month of use. He went out for business since then lol. Fuk it watever lol.

  • Ganja Train 1 year ago

    Very nice work!

  • AGC Lighting 1 year ago

    good video. Thanks for sharing

  • greenhorn grower 1 year ago

    Hey man found u

  • Moe Lester 1 year ago

    Can you do a video how to feed your plants properly?

  • Dave Banfield 1 year ago

    I have a question, my tent sucks in, how do I stop that when the lights are off? It’s pulling a little bit of the stitching out. A few small holes have been noticed as well! It’s a 4x4x6.5 Cool Grow tent with 2 Bestva 2000 elite lights! I’m worried that if I open up the bottom slots for air, light will come in! I have a inline filter and fan in the tent and one pushing air in on the outside of the tent.! Inside Vivisun 6” and 4” on the outside.! Need some help lmao

  • The Grow Monster 1 year ago

    Look at those prices. Here in Canada cost for things is so inflated. Basically, take the prices for stuff- double it and add $30. Cal mag here is stupid expensive $53 plus $18 for shipping. Buy locally and you only save about $15. Guess that’s supply and demand and legalization brings.

  • Grown by Freeze 1 year ago

    Great video very informative !!

  • jesse11078 1 year ago

    Awsome info thanks

  • Path Finder 1 year ago

    I like the 315 cmh vs the 600 watt hps what do you think ?