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Stratfor Managing Editor Cole Altom and Science and Technology Analyst Rebecca Keller discuss the future demand and need for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Asia and Europe. For more analysis, visit: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHigh Tech Agriculture – 9 Billion Mouths to Feed: The Future of Farming (Ep. 4)Strider Agri – Welcome to the future of agricultureFuture Latest Intelligent Technology World Amazing Modern Agriculture Heavy Equipment Mega MachinesThe Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture: Dr. Thierry Vrain at TEDxComoxValleyTHESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Partnerships and the Future of Agriculture Technology by Robert T. Fraley (USA)

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  • CYW Smith 7 months ago

    And I'm not some green peace hippie either.

  • CYW Smith 7 months ago


  • Paul Fantin 7 months ago

    What they don't want you to know is that .044 acres of growing area can produce enough crops to sustain a family of 4+ for 1 year.
    The land does not have to be fertile. It can be mixture of sand and sawdust with the proper amounts of nutrition, NPK and trace minerals, crops flourish, and with less water consumption then ordinary crops.
    It is all a lie to make you dependent.
    In the early 1900's, 90% of Americans were self employed with 10% employed by others. They were independent, self sustaining and did well at providing retirement for themselves.
    Today, 90% employed by others, 10% self employed! what a disaster, so dependent, cannot feed themselves! cannot defend themselves! and millions in the USA on unemployment, non-employment, and or food subsidies. Great job selling a lie.
    And finally, these greedy know-it-alls have raped and pillaged every savings institution of the 100% and created an imploding creditized economic system.
    But you knew all this, didn't you? Your smart. All the funding that goes to Universities comes from these maniacs and your education is a recipient of this disaster.
    I'm done, good-day.

  • Paul Fantin 7 months ago

    These are the same people behind the massive aerosol spraying campaign poisoning the atmosphere around the world.
    These are the same people that are devastating the honey bee population to push their product.

    Nothing but destruction. Hmmm, sound familiar?

  • Paul Fantin 7 months ago

    Roundup ready crops are less nutritious, use more water, poison the soil and poison the consumer. Period.

  • Paul Fantin 7 months ago

    Anyone with enough money and lobbying techniques can persuade just about anyone, almost.
    The fact of the matter is what is stopping anyone from creating a soilient green product, like the movie and selling it as good for you.
    This has been going on for quite a long time.
    Reality suggests that if placed in front of you, a GMO product next to a non-GMO product and if you knew which was which, you would 10/10 pick the non-GMO product.
    Men are fallen, inherently selfish and ignorant to what is best for them.
    And as far as farmland availability and water availability? Keep messing with/destroying our ecosystems and atmospheres under the scam that I am responsible but don't mention these greedy Bastards, they are the ones causing the problems not I. Get a grip on reality, this all falls under the category of Agenda 21 don't forget it, this is our doom.
    There are 2 things in life you can be sure of:
    1) There is a God.
    2) you are not Him.
    He is coming very soon, you at Stratfor should be paying attention to this, you are smart, just look around. All the prep for the anti-christ to come on to the scene. If this is not obvious, it is because you have lost your way and are ignorant to the truth.

  • GMO Free News 7 months ago

    2:12 But the Chinese government Beijing is pushing forward since September with a large Pro-GMO  campaign with television ads and newspaper ads 
    2:24 To try to shift the public perception towards a technology that they know
    will be necessary moving forward

    2:32 Well, it can be difficult to win the hearts and minds of some populations…

  • Christopher Walken 7 months ago

    Mmmm delicious frankenfood served with a topping of glyphosate !

  • BaronVonTacocat 7 months ago

    GMOs should be banned.
    Look at what happened in India, tens of thousands of Indian farmers ended up committing suicide after their GMO crops all died and they couldn't afford to buy more GMO seeds because Monsanto jacked up the prices.
    It is inherently dangerous to allow a single corporation to have a virtual monopoly on the only seeds that can grow in the soil that they contaminate with pesticides and Roundup.
    America should get to vote whether or not we want GMOs.
    I would vote no because I miss real tomatoes and these new GMO ones taste like shit and are filled with slimy green seeds.

  • Roha Waha 7 months ago

    GMO technology is the future, it is a win / win deal for all involved, It produces high yields, and more nutritious food while keeping end user costs down. " I know, I just made myself a target for the GMO Nut Jobs"  The problem with the GMO nut jobs is their lack of historical farming knowledge. Humans have been Grafting "read genetically modifying" and cross breeding plant species, read "genetically modifying" crops for thousand's of years.  But all of sudden, if Monsanto gets involved and makes a profit it's a world wide conspiracy !  regardless of the evidence.