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Companion Planting For Broccoli

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Companion Planting Made Easy! How To Guide

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  • Don Gilleo

    My pepper plants were getting wiped out by caterpillars. From one day to next, one of my pepper plants had gone from looking healthy to looking like someone had taken a weed eater to it. The next season I bought a bag of little onion bulbs, and planted at least four around each pepper plant, and others scattered around the flower bed. I never had trouble with caterpillars, or even saw any ever again. The onions never produced big bulbs, but they more than earned their keep.
    I'm wondering if co-planting onions with other crops would help reduce damage and loss from other pests. At one point, I was losing almost half of my tomatoes to birds. I never got the opportunity to try, but would onions keep birds away? I'm also wondering if planting onions in the vicinity of my would minimize the slugs that get into the ears and eat them away. Sad to go through the effort to grow corn, only to pull the ear off and find a big fat bug has eaten most of the kernels.

  • JMaia Trader

    Did any one else notice that in the first 55 seconds that dog appeared and disappeared running 5 times in the background?

  • Samer Azar

    I think that peppers are summer crops and broccoli is a winter crop. How come you are suggesting not to plant them altogether? They won't be planted at the same time at the first place

  • katherine magmore

    this was sooo helpful! & let me just say that i love to see your dog running so happily behind you all the time ♥️

  • Babar Khalid

    inch distancing, and now it’s been 15 days since we have transplanted the tomato to field beds, can I now plant 3 garlics in between each tomato plant and along with it can I prepare Basil flat bed to plant it later with garlic in octagonal design spacing of 12 inches and along with garlic planting can 2 plants of marigold be planted on the side borders in between tomato gaps ? Kindly guide on this

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