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Habitat for Humanity Community Garden Update Katriel moved out of her Purdue dorm room. Too wet to plant corn. Potatoes getting to big to hill with Johnny. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsBethesda Community Garden Club Selling and EducatingEasy kid garden thinning corn part 2Late September Garden Tour and Harvest: A Look at My Cool Weather Crops!Container CornFlower Towers – Small Garden IdeasPurple Potatoes, When Potatoes move to the darkside, Harvested from a container, Grow someplace

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  • J Sullivan 1 week ago

    oh ok

  • J Sullivan 1 week ago

    join the ffa

  • Jeff Rainwater 1 week ago

    She's like the Alton Brown to your Emeril Lagasse.

  • Philip Blass 1 week ago

    a pto potato plow to bring the stones to the surface. the a rock bucket for Johnny.

  • Steve Earp 1 week ago

    I teared up watching Tim at the end as Katriel talked. You can just see the love and pride pouring out of his face.

  • 45NUTS 1 week ago

    the first thing you got to figure out how deep the rocks go, that will determine the extent problem. if not to deep , than, scarping with a York style rake ( ) before planting , just take time to remove them in time . If a constant problem average farmer with rock that small uses a like a hardy rake to protect planting equipment.,,, It just figuring out the extent of the rock problem , and what the Chief Financial Officer willing to spend

  • Tim KD5VMV 1 week ago

    I don't think you will hurt your potato plants hilling them. They will push over as you go across them but should do ok. After all the dirt from hilling them pushes them down a good bit anyway.
    Congratulations to Katriel on being 1/4 way to graduation!!

  • Tee Jay 1 week ago

    Always love your videos. My favorite part is how well you guys all interact with each other. I couldn't keep from smiling while watching the last clip as dad looks so proud of his little girl. You guys are such a Blessing!

  • Keith Brettell 1 week ago

    What is hilling?

  • justin kopplin 1 week ago

    Where are you harvesting your sunlight from? It seems to be a hot commodity these days here in western Ohio! I had to install ore mounts on my Kubota's FEL just in case this year! Keep up the great videos!

  • ashhh66 1 week ago

    Cute family

  • philip young 1 week ago

    tim a rock hound by bob cat here in new york its 300 a day for the bob cat and attachment its an awesome attachment its like a tow behind leaf grass collector power rake combined into one the rock hound mounts on the front and has steel fingers hydraulic controlled with a bin that collects the rocks and than its like a clam bucket that opens up to dump the rocks it has the bobcat quick dis connect to mount on the front with the two hydraulic hoses katriel keep up the good work before you know it you'll be walking across the stage getting your diploma and working every day

  • Nathan Brodeur 1 week ago

    Might I suggest that you look into a rock bucket that would go on the loader

  • daveknowshow 1 week ago

    habitat for humanity is a great group. we have that here and they are wonderful people.

  • NOLAW47 1 week ago

    As mentioned a landscape rake might work, if you could fab up what I'll call end side skirts to hold the rocks from rolling out the ends……probably didn't explain myself very well. Thanks for the video, peace out.

  • Kevin Zeh 1 week ago

    Katriel I think it's so cool that you are going to school for that kind of stuff. There is so much misinformation out here on the interwebs and in life regarding farming practices, modern seed and agriculture technology that it's absurd. Keep at it!!!

  • RK Harm24 1 week ago

    Great update on the gardens, great to see the community garden Johnny tilled in Lafayette. 8 inches in 10 days, WOW. When Katriel uses those BIG words, ask for your change. She is using that college money to learn, at least you could get change back. Fifty Dollar Words in a 2 dollar conversation.

  • mi2tn 1 week ago

    If you can't hill the potatoes with Johnny then you still have the Hoss. We do it by hand with a hoe. Just another way in case you run out of ideas. 🙂 When I wasn't getting the rocks out by hand myself I had help, called grandkids. You could till it again and hide the rocks.

  • John Pepper 1 week ago

    You need to plant some Peppers