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  • Garry Roudg

    The best way to transform your gardening with hydroponics system is taking advantage of hydroponics expert, without try and fail like them before!

  • Aung kyee-myint

    hi, great video. what i want to know is how you spray nutrient solution in that pipe and size of the plant.

  • Blunt Dorothy M.

    Thank you for the video.
    I also have the comprehensive step-by-step training video guidelines on the way to grow your own homemade Aquaponic system. Its really easy that even your grandma can do it!
    Check out the following website for additional information:

  • Chris Elliott

    cool design, but more suited for outside or a greenhouse….usable light penetration would never reach the bottom sites even with a 1000 watt high output lighting system. if i were to keep this on the basement, i would supplement the bottom sites with side lighting and drop some hanging bulbs down the middle.

  • Elchanan Perr

    I am very interested in most of the answers to the questions below, how you solved the light problem and yield and also please update me if you changed the design in 2011 and how.

  • bravo24601

    Great video. Is that a 6" piece of PVC for the body? Can you tell me what the spacing is per elbow? How did you overcome the issue with the bottom plants not getting enough light?

  • JoJo Gar

    could that set up work with soil like the main pipe filled up and will they plants have to be spaced more? how did the elbow size work for growing the strawberries.

  • a.maher.fattah

    hey great video
    how did you keep the room aerated ?
    and how do u keep the temperature optimum for strawberries to grow ?

  • Dealzer .Hydroponics

    There was a great many system flaws we worked out. We now have custom molded strawberry planters we'll have for sale in about 60 days.

  • polok890

    with the 700 plant vertical strawberry grower, how would you remove all the roots to replant. do the loose roots plug up the system. how did this end up working?

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