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This is the part 2 of the Commercial Hydroponics on Bonaire project at Krusada. The owners of Green Bonaire are Jaap and Pieter. Jaap has a background in Agriculture and he is the one in charge of the whole operation. Jaap contacted me many months ago for consulting and I have assisted them with this one tunnel greenhouse. They have several tunnels and this one is setup as 100% hydroponics using the methods that I have been using at my own greenhouse at URD Solution. The greenhouse is now fully operational and has a full cycle that produces over 150 heads of lettuce a day, excluding Saturday and Sunday. It is a non-circulating hydroponics system and it is working very well. Related PostsTypes of Plugs for Starting Seeds in Commercial Vertical HydroponicsHydroponics Commercial Farming – Hydroponic LettuceGrowing Mint in Commercial Hydroponics SystemsCommercial Vertical Strawberry Hydroponics SystemHow to Make a Vertical Growing Tower for Aquaponics or Hydroponics: Part 2Commercial Level Hydroponic Vertical Farming Factory of Leafy Vegetables

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  • razad nagir 1 year ago

    very nice, i grew romaine as a hobby and its great. however its doesn't like the hot weather in the caribbean so i had to find other ways to keep them cool

  • Eduardo Visuette 1 year ago

    Hi Roald. I´m at Panama, right now doing some tests with a box and the Kratky method with the MHP gardener nutrients. But I have chosen to grow them inside a room due to temperature here (between 25 nighttime – 33 daytime). I would love to do this setup outside in panama but the high temperature is the issue, I think. Any ideas?

    Sun conditions seem to be very similar here as in your video. I´m concerned about the temperature required for the lettuce to grow?? how do you keep the hoophouse temperature within limits for lettuce? and do both plastic layers used have 50% sun protection or just one of them?? looking to lower production costs since inside I have to use artificial lighting.

    thank you for this awesome video and all the info you share!! best regards

  • DiyAquaPonics 1 year ago

    Hi nice video!! are you dutch??

  • Mikaez Gaming 1 year ago

    do you use aerator ?

  • bian haris 1 year ago

    i see in you video, is your deep water culture system not using electicity? no airator?

  • Pepe Deplata 1 year ago

    Hello, thaks for the info, your Work is Great … can you tell me which is the distante between the holes of the planta?

  • tunjitsun 1 year ago

    my concern is the amount of sunlight required for effective growth since you are shading the direct sun rays with well do you think the lettuce will grow if growing light were used.

  • Ryan Martin 1 year ago

    Are the tops 4 X 8 sheets of painted plywood or form board? If it is plywood what did you coat the boards with to keep them from rotting? I have a small setup like this using Kratky method using foam board but I want to do a commercial setup. Questions…why not use grodan plugs instead of the cost of the peat plugs and hydroton? I would think it would save money per plant.

  • Marek Bartas 1 year ago

    Hello Roald, what about using gans in tube for example and help people testing this amazing technology. You have ability for this and maybe,,, this is it.

  • Heli Pilot 1 year ago

    Missing your soul videos Roald. Hopefully all is well over there.

  • TheWindGinProject 1 year ago

    HI Roald, Thanks for the very interesting videos. Why use Hydroponics instead of Aquaponics? I'm just curious and understand if your not available to get to this question. I guess living by the sea people prefer fresh salt water fish. Just guessing.

  • Alan Rowicki 1 year ago

    A plants memory conditions it survival, god help these plants when human intervention fails them as it will.

  • Green Evolutions Aquaponics Thailand 1 year ago

    looking good brother .. good to see you out in the garden again ..

  • setag54321 1 year ago

    Roald very nice roots, plenty of oxygen there and good water flow.  Lava rock works really good for the beneficial bacteria, adding another line of defense for the roots.  Hey, where's Part 1 so I can see the engineering set-up design side of things?  Peace Brother

  • munio163 1 year ago

    system works without air pumps?