As Colorado growers ride the wave of the new laws and regulations, indoor lighting technology has proven success with commercial growers and home growers when it comes to increasing revenue and output. With our partners and expert growers, lighting has shown a strong impact on the quality, yield and results while saving on the cost of the infrastructure of any grow room — commercial or at home. Learn more about the benefits of induction when utilizing 1000 Watt Plant lights and how the Colorado grow market has established results with iGROW and Induction lighting.

The Plant, a green business incubator on Chicago’s south side, is encouraging entrepreneurs to fill the gap for fresh, local produce during the winter months. While this market can be tapped during the winter, several start-up vertical farms are selling produce year round.

Colorado indoor grow lights transforms commercial agriculture growing

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  • iGROWLights

    Hi ArizonaMMJ, we are sorry that you as a grower were not able to achieve the overwhelming majorities yield numbers.  This video was specifically created to explain the everyone out there what we have learned from growers such as yourself over the past year.  We at iGROW understand that we are phosphors lighting experts and have extensive knowledge in plant lighting science, but not once in any of our videos have we said we are experts at growing.  We understood and learned early on that the foundation of our technology, which is the first light with full spectrum lighting specifically blended for agriculture would only happen once growers learned how to use this new tool for supplemental and primary agricultural uses.

    We have gone out across the globe to learn why growers were being successful in yield and production and also why some growers were not.  It is our responsibility to share what growers have taught us on many levels, but the most important to our customers is what techniques and methods were used to achieve the highest grams per watt and happy healthiest plants.

    These videos are just the first stage in teaching growers what we have learned from other growers to make sure they achieve their yield and aspirations of yield.

    We wish that you would have called our offices when you were not able learn how to use your new tool effectively, we would have been able to direct you in the direction of another grower who actually was able to learn how to do it effectively and got you there also.

    There is so much data out there on iGROW Lights from the commercial industry in Colorado and we cherish the opportunity to tell everyone via youtube what we have learned.

    the largest indoor grow in the country being built in Denver is using all iGROW Lights, if they didn't work – you think that would have happened?

    Call iGROW at 216-378-4277 ; there is nothing wrong with saying you were unable to be in the majority of growers who figured it out themselves and you needed help.


    iGROW Induction Lighting.

  • Dr Dank

    We tried flowering with them. Had a room with 12 going. We averaged about .5 gram per watt and comparing that to what we do with our DE HPS bulbs at 1.1gpw it just didnt cut the mustard.

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