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Demonstration of COGON Grass Roof tying. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrass Roof in Soth Tirol Austria (Rare) – Strohdach in Sudtirol Österreich (selten)Log cabin with grass roofGreen Taxi: grass on roofGrass roof bungalowGreen green grass: a new grass roofHow I put the grass roof on the log cabin…


Green Roofs


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  • Lawrence ian 8 months ago

    ron can you please help me…where can i buy this cogon grass please reply thank you

  • Adolf Garde 8 months ago

    and what did you use to tying those cogon grass?

  • Adolf Garde 8 months ago

    ron, how many cogon will cover a meter square of roof area? is there a way to estimating cogon grass for roof? thanks