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Cocoon Modules: Tiny Nomadic Container Home with Green Roof

Cocoon Modules: Tiny Nomadic Container Home with Green Roof

In this video we feature a Stylish Nomadic Shipping Container Home built using a single 40 foot shipping container by Cocoon Modules. Stay tuned for a complete inside tour of this stylish home. Cocoon Modules-Tiny Nomadic Container Home with Green Roof prototype is made from a single 40 foot shipping container topped by a green roof and able to run on or off-the-grid. A ships ladder is attached at the back of the container to access the green roof. The Cocoon Module prototype comprises a total habitable space of 320 sq ft (29.7 sq m) as standard. However, the firm will expand the home at extra cost by joining additional containers to it, either atop each other or side by side. Cocoon Modules-Tiny Nomadic Container Home with Green Roof home is accessed by large sliding glass doors along the longer facade. Inside, the unit houses everything one would find in a regular sized home or apartment with plenty of storage and beautiful wood finishes. The space is split between a bedroom on the extreme end, living room with large L-shaped couch and shelving, a small dining area, kitchenette with adequate overhead storage shelves, and a bathroom on the opposite end of the container fully tiled with a separate shower cubicle. The original container cargo doors also opens up the bedroom to the outside. The prototype has been furnished with Coco-mat’s line of wooden furniture and linens. Watch this video here: . The stylish interior is our best design feature of the house. Which part of this residence appeals to you the most? Give us your opinion by posting in the description below. If you like the video give it a thumps up and feel free to share it. Remember to subscribe. And see you next week as we feature another amazing shipping container house from around the world. Thank you for watching. Cocoon Modules-Tiny Nomadic Container Home with Green Roof
Building Summary
Company: Cocoon Modules
Containers: 1
Area: 320 sqft.
Rooms: 1 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, Open Living
Starting Price: ,000
Location: Kifissia, Greece
Year: 2014
Photo courtesy of
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