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A great potting mix using coco coir, perlite or vermiculite and compost. We prepare this easy potting mix or soil with rain water. Coco coir is an easy to use and neutral pH potting medium. Buy coco coir here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPerlite & Vermiculite uses in gardening, benefits & their alternativesCoco Coir Grow Media Hydroponics 101What is Perlite? | Pros and ConsGrowex – Coco Coir Substrate – Hydroponics Organic & Soil Gardening – Canna Nutrients Coco.Is Your Coco Coir Suitable for Hydroponics?Deer in the Garden eating the Beets !!! Vegetable Soup Recipe and more container gardening salad

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  • Awesome Stuff Reviewer 8 months ago

    when i rehydrated my Coconut Coiri put plant food in the water that i used to rehydrated it, so i would have the right n k p and just use the Coconut Coir on it own

  • Hemalkumar Golwala 8 months ago

    Hello, I used your method of making potting mix. I think it is perfect. The only problem I am having is after watering it if I check it with moisture meter, it shows me very low water content. Would that be okay? Have you tried checking moisture content after watering?? Please advise..

  • Minakshi Dhamu 8 months ago

    I want to grow some vegetables (in pots) like eggplants, tomatoes, zuchhini etc. Can I use the same soil for all the vegetables ? And once the vegetables get planted, I have to use fertilizer (like – Miracle Grow) after every 15 days, right ? One more thing, can I use Earthgro Steer Manure blend ?

  • Rustanette CHY 8 months ago

    I like you because I've learned a lot of things about gardening. Thanks!

  • Swarna Suresh 8 months ago

    Can we add blood meal as fertiliser

  • Poloboy 8 months ago

    can I use my bagged coir (ph is balanced) but can I mix it with my foxfarm soil? and when I germ how long should I leave the seedlings in the coco?

  • Dianna A 8 months ago

    always amazes me how each time I watch your videos on gardening I learn something new. Thank you

  • Richard Yonek 8 months ago


  • Anu Anupama 8 months ago

    what happens if I planted only with cocopete.. I dint mix any thing with cocopete.

  • sassy jassy 8 months ago

    it's 20 bucks now. sigh anyway, thanks for showing us how much it expands! great vid.

  • Starfleet HQ 8 months ago

    Lies… rain in CA?

  • chanthy mey 8 months ago

    do you have salad in your garden?

  • Hooker Gaming 8 months ago

    Thats a Waste of Coir. Serious Waste. everything else is fine. But Dont use the Coir. its to Valuable to just put into Flower pots like this.

  • H McCann 8 months ago

    Making this now. I love the coco coir! I used it in my seed blocking mix and it was phenomenal. I had green sand in the block mix. Is that something you would try in potting mix?

  • K. Ganesan Ganesan 8 months ago

    contains no sugar
    composed with thousands of Engineering material
    Space Research. material

  • K. Ganesan Ganesan 8 months ago

    name it as coconut pith.

  • Jyoti Modi 8 months ago

    i love oll ur vdeos as dey make me a bettr gardener day by day ☺

  • Jyoti Modi 8 months ago

    how shuld i use the cococoir small pots..i bought them online frm plzz help me out from india..shuld i dip it in water before using or how ??

  • Joan Ray 8 months ago

    Thank you. This was useful information and I am going to try it for potting, especially seed