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What makes coconut coir the “gateway” grow media for soil growers wanting to make the leap to hydroponics? We explain what coco coir is, how it is processed, and how you—as an indoor grower—can get the most out of it to boost yields. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrowex – Coco Coir Substrate – Hydroponics Organic & Soil Gardening – Canna Nutrients Coco.Is Your Coco Coir Suitable for Hydroponics?Hydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe MediaHow to start seeds with coco coir indoor gardeningSOIL VS COCO COIR! – INDOOR GARDENING WITH MARS HYDRO LEDINDOOR GARDENING CANNABIS PLANTS – SOIL VS COCO COIR – HARVESTING MARIJUANA

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  • 252 Glass 1 year ago

    Do a coco coir 102!

  • Fady M 1 year ago

    please make 102, too many opinions when to water and how often

  • joey benolie 1 year ago

    Your awesome everest

  • Matt Vhabae 1 year ago

    Coco 102

  • 93krstn 1 year ago

    I am new to the hydroponic world. I like your content and enjoy your humor but please slow down a little :)

  • Branden Raby 1 year ago

    also to any type of container. plastic fabric Rubbermaid totes

  • Branden Raby 1 year ago

    yes I'm subbed up like a jersey Mikes. & currently I have the plants in coco but want a better idea of what medium to use for them when I place them outdoor. would a 50/50 mix of coco&FFoceanForest be ok just really looking to get a better idea of what would do me justice for my first outdoor grow

  • Acie Bunch 1 year ago

    102 please

  • Branden Raby 1 year ago

    would you mind doing a video about outdoor coco prep ?

  • Rosie868 1 year ago

    could you talk any faster?

  • holyshitballs! 1 year ago

    keep up the radical pace bro! i swear you did this whole rant on just one breath….wicked and bad brother….keep up the good work and stay awesome man!

  • Jeremiah Wilson 1 year ago

    yeah great info but i felt like i was at an auction. slow down just a smidge.

  • Edwin Patron 1 year ago

    102 plz :)

  • Lacy LaPlante 1 year ago

    newbie and new sub, thanks so much.

  • chadgrov 1 year ago

    Good rant, only nag is you could slow down a touch. Not a whole lot, but less rushed

  • Luis Cancino 1 year ago

    can I reuse coco coir?

  • Steven Stroud 1 year ago

    102 PLEASE!!!

  • mark thomas 1 year ago

    Thats just a stupid speed your talking,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lost me 0/10 for your mickey mouse talking

  • Duhn Fuhr 1 year ago

    great stuff Sir

  • Peter Batman 1 year ago

    Straight to the point no b.s. love it