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Kevin Songer, green roof designer for MetroVerde, blogger with Living Green Roofs, and contributing editor speaks about his years of experience on living roofs. Designing green roofs for coastal areas presents many challenges. Actual case studies, including a recent hospital green roof design on Bermuda will be discussed. This video examines issues and solutions to using native plants for salt and wind impacted shoreline rooftop gardens. Video Rating: / 5 Dave talks with Rolf Schilling about how to insulate your roof with native plants. Related Posts2.5-acre native living roof part of smart building designPrairie Green RoofOptigrNative Plant Green RoofShipping container house – Green roofGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.

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  • RG Cachat-Schilling 1 year ago

    For a friend, we created a green roof with almost all the same plants 8 years ago and it still rocks today.

  • soulfoodvisnu 1 year ago

    NO. Insects like flies, mosquitoes, and pests like carpenter ants and termites all breed in water or rotten wood, not soil and plants. Gardens and plants does not = bugs or bug problems. Your roof is likely to be residence to wasps and hornets if you DON'T have a green roof, because wasps and hornets are look for hot eaves as places to nest. Green roofs help keep things cool.

  • soulfoodvisnu 1 year ago

    NO, It does NOT cause water retention. Listen to the video. There is a waterproof layer, and the medium for the plants is designed to drain well. Mosquitoes need open water to breed, not just moisture. Mosquitoes do not breed in soil or on plants. Soil and plants do not cause insect problems. Termites and carpenter ants like rotten wood, not soil. There is basically no risk of insect pests from gardens or green roofs. Please do not spread hysterical nonsense.

  • ditgodin 1 year ago

    What happens when it rains?

  • Aaron Russell 1 year ago


  • BCWakePark 1 year ago

    Try Citysoil

  • Chern Fei Chai 1 year ago

    Doesn't this cause water retention which subsequently become the breeding grounds for mosquitoes that gives you diseases like Encephalitis, Dengue, West Nile Fever?

  • FUNisUnderRated 1 year ago

    @Timothy2035 yes, but there are lots of layers that are designed to protect your home/building

  • P.J. Fitzpatrick 1 year ago

    Great video ! This is the future

  • Timothy2035 1 year ago

    wouldn't a green roof be inviting insects to take up residence on your roof?

  • pegobuilders 1 year ago

    Green roofs are changing the way architects design buildings

  • MasterVeggie 1 year ago

    inspiring and it couldn't be at a better time! What else is a roof good for anyway?? 🙂

  • barnex21 1 year ago

    love it..

  • SomeDanishKid 1 year ago

    where was it I could find a lift over green roof friendly plants?

  • Indeed and perfect!

  • Jessica Larcy Abrams 1 year ago