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(Visit: A panel of experts discusses climate change and its effects on our agriculture and our health, while also offering insights into how we as individuals can work to limit its negative impacts and create positive change. [5/2019] [Show ID: 34568] Future Thought Leaders ( Explore More Health & Medicine on UCTV ( UCTV features the latest in health and medicine from University of California medical schools. Find the information you need on cancer, transplantation, obesity, disease and much more. Explore More Science & Technology on UCTV ( Science and technology continue to change our lives. University of California scientists are tackling the important questions like climate change, evolution, oceanography, neuroscience and the potential of stem cells. UCTV is the broadcast and online media platform of the University of California, featuring programming from its ten campuses, three national labs and affiliated research institutions. UCTV explores a broad spectrum of subjects for a general audience, including science, health and medicine, public affairs, humanities, arts and music, business, education, and agriculture. Launched in January 2000, UCTV embraces the core missions of the University of California — teaching, research, and public service – by providing quality, in-depth television far beyond the campus borders to inquisitive viewers around the world. ( Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFuture of Food: Farming in the age of climate changeHAS Climate Chamber 1 – Agrilution – Vertical Farming – Thought For Food Challenge 2013Agriculture Future of America | Building Bridges for Young Leaders in AgricultureStructural Change and the Future of Indian AgricultureThis Farm in Mexico is Growing a Solution to Climate Change (HBO)The Future of Agriculture and Human Health

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  • Daniel J. Lavigne 10 months ago

    The idiots are out in force . . as indicated by the scope of the responses. KIDS! You're S-C-R-E-W-E-D.
    DUE YOUR PARENTS INFECTION BY GREED . . YOU have been abandoned in favor of their "Prized Mobility"!

  • Ryan Harvey 10 months ago

    If you live in cali go take a dip in the ocean in the summer the water is the warmest I've ever felt it

  • green yoshi gamer gaming,vlogs,and more dumb stuff 10 months ago

    I am , for the most part , well educated on climate change and has to start, get going on fixing the problems …talk is about over…now is the time to act!!!

  • blitzenScooby 10 months ago

    No facts produced as evidence. The conversation is alarmist with no backing evidence. The people want you to PROVE your points not just a talking point.

  • Lars Rosing 10 months ago

    Well, according to chinese scientists and now also Zharkova the sun controls climate much more than the IPCC scientists are expect ing and using in their models. From 2020 to 2050 we are going in to a cooling period. Wich concerns chinese government, it will affect food supply negatively!

  • Kevin Kelly 10 months ago

    Climate change is a lie

  • Rea Ality 10 months ago

    No matter what we do, mankind can do nothing to prevent the next ice age.

  • 3rd fret 10 months ago

    "Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." Richard P. Feynman

  • 3rd fret 10 months ago

    I've never listened to so much nonsense in all my days.. Welcome to the Church of Climatology.. All praise 'The Great Model'… Utter bollocks!

  • Tyler Durden 10 months ago

    I can't wait for cycle 26 the next solar minimum. I'm going to spend all my time preparing during cycle 25 and you shits better hope that I get prepared in time to take care of my family because, if I'm not!… I will eat you. China is positioning themselves right now globally into the new grow zones. They have study the cycles for thousands of years. I'm getting sick and tired of your carbon unicorn fears. And 12 to 13 years you will be my food and or food for the troops I will have to train to beat back the Chinese when they come, and you watch and remember this comment when they kick your door in, if we haven't eaten you first. You need to bite your tongue shut up and become part of the solution instead of the problem use your smartphone for something more than being a dumbass and educate yourself. And remember cycle 25 is not going to be a picnic because of the shape of our magnetosphere right now, this country is becoming more vulnerable every year.

  • Beth Evans 10 months ago

    Great education. Why have we lost so many flying insects? I heard 70% are gone?

  • Mark Mathews 10 months ago

    Lots of information about how climate change causes changes/problems. 42 minutes in and still no information about how the tiny portion of CO2 in the atmosphere that is caused by human activity is the cause of global warming. If CO2 is 400 ppm, and 97% of that is from natural sources, only 3% is from human activity. The US produces only 15% of that 3% of 400 ppm. Do the math and tell me how that tiny portion warrants the term Climate Crisis.

  • Empowerment: everybody who dies stays dead, feels no more pain or hunger and their big and little problems are over. If that's not a silver lining I don't know what is. 😉

  • Ioio Ia 10 months ago

    The problem is. Growing food is not the main objective of a farmer. That’s only what they say all the time. Farmers grow as much money as they can!

  • allgoo19 10 months ago

    "OMG, OMG, what can we do?"
    While keep driving cars.
    How stupid.

    Isn't stop driving cars the first thing we should be dong, then start talking?

  • Hrvoje Vulin 10 months ago

    where we are now is a direct result of our greed… me, you, farmers, fisherman – we all have to change – and as we do politicians will too… but the change starts with each of us – and that is why it's not happening….

  • Gatica Antonio 10 months ago

    Hey MAGA guys you need to see this do it a thousand of time maybe maybe maybe YOU WILL LEARN SOMETHING I doubt it but maybe maybe this is a long shot

  • GEORGELET4 10 months ago

    Bad Change in Agriculture and Health
    Has there been any in the last few decades? Totally No
    Extremes of Weather is totally bogus claim.
    This is total propaganda – accept the "settled" conclusion that fossil fuel is causing bad "climate change" and work back to the "evidence"

  • Stephen Watson 10 months ago

    What a load of bollox…if this is education you can keep it ….

  • Eric Johnson 10 months ago

    Zzzzzz ….ah okey then……..let us not talk about the NWO spraying us every minute with chemtrails, HAARP etc,,, i,e, climate engineering…. Go Dane Wigginton … and his true research. Dane is a prophet…all are dead soon…. party down and be spiritual…! The Dimming……. documentary coming soon…! For now maybe see listen , and watch … Hacking the planet. Goodbye criminal muzzled science.