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I hope you have a Bevtastic Day and that you enjoyed the video. Comment, rate and subscribe, and here are the links to todays news: Vertical Farms: Clegg: Before changing his mind: After: Tory policy: Bicycle renting in London: My Blog: 8H Project: Related PostsVertical FarmingDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingEpisode 16: Vertical FarmsVertical Farming VertiFarm“Vertical Farms” — A new way to growSRIAMBAL VERTICAL FARMS

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  • Ryan O'Connell 2 years ago

    I do like bikes but I don't know if the bike rentals in cities work very well. Paris has had a lot of problems with implementation and the bikes are never around when you need them and they're very often broken or in disrepair. And I don't think it can help around the Olympics because that would take TONS of bikes. But I do like bikes, so I'm kind of torn.