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Each day we do a light clean of the grow tents but after harvest, we do a deep clean to make sure we aren’t running into any major contamination problems. It’s not glamorous but it needs to be done. ▶ Check out our online store: ▶ Watch our story: #mushrooms #fungi #mycology ▶ Follow Us: ▶ Cultivating fresh gourmet mushrooms at our urban grow farm. Mushrooms with amazing flavor and full of beneficial nutrients. Our passion is to offer every customer the freshest product in the market. Owner “Mushroom Mike” enjoys sharing the science of mycology while serving top chefs, everyday cooks, and those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle with premium mushrooms. Related PostsMEDICAL MARIJUANA INDOOR GARDEN! – GROWING CANNABIS IN GROW TENTSLetUs Farms How Cirrus LED Grow Lights Helped This Commercial Indoor Farm 1All-In-One Indoor Hydroponic Garden Test GrowVertical Hydroponic Grow Kit: Tower, Tent, LEDs, and Fan – Aerospring Indoor Herb & Vegetable …AEROPONICS FARM DESIGN – 3D | High-tech Aeroponics Farming | Indoor Vertical Farming Plans & IdeasInside a Sustainable Indoor Cannabis Farm | Yerba Buena Farms: Hillsboro, Oregon

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  • Dr. Green Thumbs 2 weeks ago

    Great Video. How to make that humidifier video would be awesome.

  • Andrew H 2 weeks ago

    I wonder of the nearest grassy area is like, full of high end mushrooms.

  • Pablo M 2 weeks ago

    Are those racks kinda rusty? Do you have any problem with that? Thanks a lot , you own

  • Takuro Shinji 2 weeks ago

    Anyone have an idea of what the name of the lights are he's using inside the 100% humidity with no electric issues?? Please.. tyia

  • Casual Gamer 2 weeks ago

    love that you show every aspect of your grow

  • Kevin B 2 weeks ago

    How often do you go through the sensors for your humidity sensors

  • Kenneth Riddle 2 weeks ago

    where do you get your grow tents?

  • Stewart Harsant 2 weeks ago

    What exactly does a "light clean" entail that you do every week?

  • King Tut 2 weeks ago

    put some stuff under the floor to make all the water drain to one spot

  • Mike Trieu 2 weeks ago

    I wonder if it would be more time efficient to use an electrostatic sprayer with a mild hypochlorous acid solution? The wrap-around effect on your metal shelving should disinfect a lot better than that simple pressure sprayer and HOCl has more bacterial/fungal/viral killing power than bleach (it basically is just bleach, just pH shifted lower, and the same chemical defense your body's white blood cells use to fight off infection). Also, there are much less noxious fumes from HOCl compared to hypochlorite. Just let the droplets sit on the surfaces for about 10 minutes and then wipe down with the microfiber. You'd have to remove all your grows first to avoid hitting them accidentally with what is essentially chlorine.

    Maybe you could also think about simply fogging HOCl directly into the grow tent through your existing fog ports to completely saturate the inside airspace. You'd just have to temporarily change the feed lines to your fogger from water to HOCl. That might be done automatically with an on-premises electrolyzer and some electronic valves, if you so choose.

  • Tommy Rad 2 weeks ago

    Like brewing beer. Some math and 5 hours of cleaning.

  • old gregg 2 weeks ago

    What brand of tend are you using? Really love the idea of using those instead of building your own. Thanks for sharing so much or your knowledge! Super inspiring 🙂

  • Mike Rouswell 2 weeks ago

    May I recommend microfiber car wash mittens for the cleaning you do. Might be faster?

  • rikdickulous 2 weeks ago

    Didn't see him clean the insides of the doors before zipping back up…..

  • Whitterkins McGee 2 weeks ago

    Costco has the best microfiber rags if you’re so inclined

  • roseknows702 2 weeks ago

    Would a slanted floor help? I am thinking sand with plywood on the top and then put a drain out the corner. Powerwash then run the disinfectant… Tell me if this is a bad idea.

  • John Niles 2 weeks ago


  • flo09ring 2 weeks ago

    Thank you for all you videos! They are super informative.

  • Zachary Swain 2 weeks ago

    which tents do you use? gorilla?

  • fart knocker 2 weeks ago

    How much do these tents cost?