A lupus diagnosis didn’t hinder Claudine Nicholas from living an active lifestyle. Learn why she chooses to fuel her immune system with Juice Plus+.

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Claudine Nicholas – Marathoner Overcoming Lupus | Juice Plus+

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  • Kimber M

    I too am a Lupus patient and my sister told me about this. It's a daily struggle and I'll admit I did let go of the dreams I had for myself but I have hope now.

  • Robyn Grant

    |This is beautiful. I too can vouch for Juice Plus giving me the power to focus on my dreams again!
    Thank you for sharing this. 

  • Roger Bejcek

    If it can do this for someone with deteriorating healh, imagine what it can do for your performance without a health situation – will it give you tha competitive edge you are looking for?

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