CIVF2012 2: Emmanuel Pratt, Sweetwater Foundation

Emmanuel Pratt is the Director of the Aquaponics Center at Chicago State University & teaches at the Geography Department at Chicago State University where his work concentrates on community development through intersections of food security and sustainable design innovation. He is a co-founder and director the non-profit Sweet Water Foundation (SWF) that helps develop verticalized and sustainable system of aquaponics to grow fish and produce for local restaurants and grocery stores. Emmanuel’s goals in the workshop are to highlight the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities in utilizing urban agriculture and aquaponics as key tools for bolstering local economies through the increase of local food production while enhancing the critical connections needed to advance 21st century global cities.
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CIVF2012 2: Emmanuel Pratt, Sweetwater Foundation

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  • Bradley Urso

    That was a really good presentation. Way to go Emmanuel. The work that is being done through sweet water is awesome and I love the emphasis on education and community.

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