Dickson Despommier is Professor Emeritus at Columbia’s school of Public Health, and adjunct professor of urban studies at Fordham University. He has pioneered the concept of Vertical Farming starting with an undergraduate class that he taught in 1999. He has helped develop the concept through lecturing at numerous universities and has appeared prominently in the press including in the TED series and the Colbert show. He has published a book on the subject, The Vertical Farm. Dickson’s goal in the workshop is to help spread the word that indoor farming is not only commercially feasible, it has become the paradigm for urban agriculture.
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CIVF2012 1: Dickson Despommier, Columbia University

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  • Craig Mullins

    How much more efficient is vertical farming vs normal farming (in terms of space) without the use of extra lights? Isn't plant spacing basically the same when you take into account shading concerns from the vertical systems?

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