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  • Ralph Alonso 7 months ago

    Very nice birthing hips on her. I will offer her family 4 goats, 3 sheep, 2 pigs and 1 pug

  • Scooter 7 months ago

    Good camera work… Haha

  • Great Life In The Philippines 7 months ago

    What's the NOISE level like? I have to ask, living in the Philippines is nothing but unnecessary noise and Im always trying to find a quieter place.

  • Great Life In The Philippines 7 months ago

    The one TRUE MASTER of all the Vloggers of the subtle camera shots. You deserve whatever award they have for it. (Chuckle)

  • donschein1 7 months ago

    Buddy… Chap…Pal …Mate ;  how many times you were using the word "nice"…???

  • Stephen Monash 7 months ago

    Do they have balconies?

  • Gregory Fortner 7 months ago

    I will take a condo and the lady showing you around.

  • J.C J.C. 7 months ago

    Lol Peter has mastered the subtle art of pulling pertinent information from Asian women. Perfect "or boyfriend" comment. Oh I have no boyfriend. Ohhh there's a lake down there, perfect redirect. Lol. I can't stop laughing. 13:20 the perfect oppss I'm walking, the camera tilted down. Lol.

  • john TeaParty 7 months ago

    I especially like the View that you photographed near the end as you're going up to the garden. It seems that you were particularly taken by the posterior View. As was I.

  • James Brophy 7 months ago

    keep working them calves you are gonna be a beast

  • Rob Rosengreen 7 months ago

    Great vlog. How much are the units? Cheers

  • KOKOMO JOE 7 months ago

    Pure Elegance

  • ian moffat 7 months ago

    what a gem,the lady showing you around i mean lol lmao

  • Alpktri . ناس K S A - 7 months ago

    How much is the suite price room and lounge