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  • ALVINS HOT JUICE BOX!!!! 7 months ago


  • ALVINS HOT JUICE BOX!!!! 7 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHAJA THE RABBIT SHIT ROCKS HAHAHAHAHA i would of dipped the ground and put that meteor plaza or that carousel one OOOOOOOOH maybe even that rollercoaster one

  • Andre Gilbert 7 months ago

    As far as I've been able to tell, setting a road as priority only turns on stop signs at every cross street which is why you had to go all the way around the highway turning the stop signs off at all the on ramps. Once you turn one of the stop signs off, it removes the "priority" of the road.

  • Jamie Ephraim 7 months ago

    its funny cause before you started talking about the way you set up your rail system i noticed it and thought that you should have made straight thru rails. I started making dedicated areas for a 2 main lines, one for passenger and one for cargo. I also like to bury them but higher than the metro lines. nice city though, really crisp.

  • William Jung 7 months ago

    Go back to the beginning. It took him 10 seconds to say up to "Mass Transit"!
    Not complaining I love his intros!

  • Wolfgang Stelzhammer 7 months ago

    Is this new Hickery Square meant to be a superblock like cityplanners have done it in Barcelona? It's basicaly a road layout to discurage traffic going throught a district. An Old Town policy would complete this superblock.

  • JackATron7853 7 months ago

    on the side of the high way, make a suburban area plz!!!

  • Baron VonCombi 7 months ago

    That is a major death wave

  • THE COOKIEMONSTER 7 months ago

    is the biodomes and vertical tower in base game cuz i bought mass transit and its not there

  • Ivan Garcia 7 months ago

    Call the "circle highway" Elizabeth Beltway or Nerdshire beltway (America) / Elizabeth Orbital motorway or Nerdshire orbital motorway.

  • deep patel 7 months ago

    download custom buildings

  • Dylan, you really need to build a few of your own parks that you can size how you wish and they will look nice as well as give land value and happiness. I've made some 8×8 and 16×8 which fit very nicely between two roads…I've even made some 4×8 & 10×10.

  • REXgbg 7 months ago

    What Asset is the parking lot you are using in your videos? @ConflictNerd

  • Reece Hart 7 months ago

    I constantly pause the game when I don't need to as well man. For me I think it's just from playing so many of the Paradox games, it's almost become a second nature to hit space bar to plan things out before letting it kick off.

  • Aizooom 7 months ago

    How do you get those beautiful high rise buildings? Steam workshops? Or are they part of the game? Mine look so fugly….

  • Kurt Dela Cruz 7 months ago

    All the works he fucking tends to say are:
    Big deal
    The Time Being

    I mean WTF do you say these?! It's annoying!

  • Dell105 7 months ago

    And then after the intro the stupid music come sback

  • 김근형 7 months ago

    Did you build police station and fire station and medical senter?

  • jeanniebeans 7 months ago

    I am really enjoying the series! I am excited that it will be continuing for the foreseeable future