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Chris Roddick of Bauder talks about how a complete roof solution can be provided with the biosolar roof approach. Vegetation can help to keep solar panels cool and therefore ensure they work more efficiently. Combining the energy production of solar panels with the wider sustainability benefits of green roofs is the perfect solution for both architects and developers and also cities in which they are installed. Video Rating: / 5 Explore green roof design, how it works, and its ecological benefits. Tom Spencer joins designer Casey Boyter and architect Lauren Woodward Stanley to illustrate designs for even pocket-sized roofs. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLandscape architect talks about Capitol Federal Hall’s green roofTypical Questions about the Solar Garden RoofLiving Green – Roof Solar Shingles | Environmentally FriendlyEnergized Environment – Solar Garden Roof – Green Roof TechnologyR&A Equipment Testing Centre – Green Roof Sedum System Installation by BauderGreenroof – Solar energy, rainwater harvesting and grey water use in Bangalore,India 🙂

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