Chinese garden design skills

Garden Ninja Lee Burkhill shared his important secrets for creating typical Chinese garden designs. Taking the Nanlian Garden in Hong Kong as an example, Garden Ninja explained the basics of a successful Chinese theme garden. Chinese gardens should strike a balance between a strong sense of nature and discovery, so it’s not just about putting some bamboo in the pot, plus a dragon statue. Chinese garden design is much more delicate. This guide will help explain some of the basics to ensure you avoid mismatched designs. By adhering to a set of more traditional design principles, you will eventually have a more cohesive and authentic Chinese garden. A good starting point is the traditional Chinese garden design principles, which are established in hundreds of years of practice in garden design art. The Chinese have always regarded garden design as an art, similar to other media such as painting, poetry, and scripture. Why not subscribe to my YouTube channel to get more garden design tips and tricks! Visit more articles and how to guide garden design Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:.


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