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Website: How to setup your own DIY vertical growing system using parts from your local DIY store. This was setup in a weekend and is suitable for ether Aquaponic growing or Hydroponic growing. You can grow 100+ plants in an even smaller space if you hang this against a wall or fence. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsChilli Farm – Aquaponics & Hydroponics – DIY NFT System SetupChilli Farm – Aquaponics & Hydroponics – DIY NFT System SetupHow to Grow Chilli from Seed / Grow Your Own Vegetable / Gardening Hindi Video // Mammal BonsaiGrowing Tomatoes and Chilli Plants in A Simple Hydroponics – Hydroponic Wick SystemChilli Farm – Hydroponics – Water Melon – June 2014Soil Less Vertical Aeroponic Growing System Video in English By Sure grow

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  • GMPST2000 1 year ago

    Where are chilis ? :)

  • TheNetworkD 1 year ago

    Is that just 65mm standard downpipe?

  • windycity301 1 year ago

    Hi. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can you answer a few questions please? The matting as I understand replaces the little pots that other systems have, and is a growing medium for the roots. Do I just stick the seedlings into the matting and it grows? From what I understand the roots closest to the stem needs to be airated. I don't really understand how it is done here. How do you remove the plants that died? I imaging the whole matting insert needs to be replaced with all other plants? Is it possible to do a finished product video?

  • Buffalo_Chips 1 year ago

    Hey there. I noticed you are using a rather small supply line on the input. I made this mistake myself and it clogged up repeatedly. There's two options to deal with it either A: go to a larger diameter hose and grommet or B: put a inline filter (ie a small automotive fuel filter) after your pump that you can clean out or replace regularly. I went to a 1/4 inch inner diameter pipe myself with a valve before the header to regulate the flow. Strawberries LOVE this system. Cheers!

  • Francisco Javier Aponte 1 year ago

    Hi, Chilli, i have trying to find some material like the one you used to fill the pipe. Do you know the name of the product? Already tried Japanese matting on ebay and shows me something  different. I would appreciate your help. I live in an island and here is difficult to find those materials in large quantity and can't afford the matala prices. I like your design but it seem some hard to put the plant with the media already inside the pipe.  

  • Stephen Pope 1 year ago

    Where did you get the filtration matting? Like to try this on my IBC aquaponics system.