This is an introduction to the Aquaponics setup at the Chilli Farm in Suffolk, UK. We will keep you posted as we progress…
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Chilli Farm – Aquaponics setup – May 2014

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  • Tracy Fitzpatrick

    Hi Great Channel. I'm looking forward to setting up my own backyard aquaponics system in the new year in my back garden

    I live in the north of England in Lancashire. I will have a greenhouse or polytunnel set up. I noted you keep rainbow trout which is my plan also due to their low temperature tolerance. I'm not sure I should keep the fish in the greenhouse or outside. Mainly due to heat rise in the summer. On the other hand if I put them outside the low temperature of water my have a negative affect on my plants.

    What is your experience of the temp fluctuations & how do you manage the situation ? Also what do you feed your trout ?

    Many Thanks & any advice will be most appreciated. 🙂

  • Holly love bud AJPW

    Please could you enlighten me as to why does your water from your bio filter go into the sump instead of going directly into your grow beds ?

  • Mike Britton

    Hi Adrian love your system. I presume the pump is in the sump – how do you have that setup – are you sending water to the fish and the grow beds / canal at the same time ? Looks like you're using gravity to return water to sump from beds.

  • Edward Van Natta

    I am looking for details about your products place lave a messages .When I post this, I am looking for move information on your aquaponics how your set this up

  • Unwinding Fire81

    Hi I want to set my own aqauponics system so I have a couple of questions that I would like you answering by people that are doing it
    How much does a small set up cost like in this video…. And do you have to have any licences aswell?? Thanks for reading hope for a reply

  • Scott granholm

    Thanks for the video, I am really interested in aquaponics and am designing my first system. I was thinking the other day if you want to collect solids, if you can find a container with a conical bottom so you can just turn the tap and release them from the static water pressure above. Kind of how brewers dump the yeast at the bottom of a fermenter. Just a thought, what do you think?

  • ChileExpatFamily

    I think that I would raise the grow beds up to hip height. For me it is just as simple as a "back" thing and I have a bad one so the less bending down the better it is for me. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the vid, the system looks nice.

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