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Teach your favorite children’s songs and motions; learn the lyrics and the hand gestures for “Round and Round the Garden,” “Mousy Creep,” “Knock on the Door” in this free children’s rhyme video from an expert on playtime for kids. Expert: Karen Weisman Bio: Karen Weisman graduated from Boston University with a degree in Hotel and Food Management. Since then, she has helped a national grocery store chain develop and launch a gourmet food division. Filmmaker: Karen Weisman Related PostsChildren’s Songs & Handplay : Teaching Kids “Round & Round the Garden” SongPlanting Song for kids | In The Garden Song | Kids Songs and English Nursery RhymesFunny Kids in the garden Finger Family Song for Children Learn Colors with Baby Nursery Rhymes SongsThere’s Something in My Garden Song Lyrics for Kids | Animal Songs for PreschoolersThe Gardener Plants the Seeds Song for Kids | Gardening Songs for Children | The Kiboomersvegetables song | learn vegetables | nursery rhymes | kids songs | baby videos

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  • Ron Torres 1 year ago


  • Faisal Karim 1 year ago

    Many thanks Karen for the wonderful work. God bless. 

  • conigonde 1 year ago

    Very grateful for your clear presentation. Please do more!!!

  • 47masterguitar 1 year ago

    I remember "Round the garden"

  • Katelyn Isilhin 1 year ago

    Oh God, this looks like child abuse.

  • Kevin Kae 1 year ago


  • Natasha Kershaw 1 year ago

    I wish she could tickle me as well,LOL.

  • Bad Lad Callum 1 year ago


  • daniela fuentes 1 year ago

    I love playing with my son like that!!! He loves it too!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • xSternx 1 year ago

    3st one:
    "Knock on the door,
    Peep in,
    Lift up the latch,
    How are you doing mister chinny chin chin?"

    About the second one, I'd say she's saying:
    "Creep Mousie,
    Creep Mousie,
    Up the stairs and into the housie!"

  • xSternx 1 year ago

    Round and round the garden
    Like a teddy bear;
    One step, two step,
    Tickled you under there!


  • Andres Lozano 1 year ago

    10X…I'm working with autist kids….And oMG this kind of stuff is wonderful to work with little kids…

    Thank U

  • gazzzzeh 1 year ago

    ok lady do u just pull random kids of the street or sumthing u know the old trick offer them sweeties??
    well the way u were treating the kid in the last nursey rhyme….