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I’ve been asked a lot recently about to get an offer accepted on a home in our market, which is very competitive for buyers right now. Homes are flying off the shelf, and many buyers don’t know how to get an edge when bidding on a home. I wanted to offer my top three tips for getting your offer accepted if you’re experiencing a bidding war. For starters, you don’t want to lowball the seller, because in this market, they might not even waste their time with a counteroffer. For all the tips, watch this short video. Buying a home? Check out our free home search: Selling a home? Check out our free home value report: About Me: Z Team specializes in helping our client’s buy and sell real estate in Elmhurst IL. Z Team is comprised of a team of local real estate professionals committed to selling some of the most desired homes in Chicagoland. Selling these “right addresses” is the mission of Z Team. Let us know what you’re looking for. Please take advantage of the helpful tools on this website, including our exclusive Chicagoland Real Estate search, but also feel free to contact us personally. Z Team 579 West North Avenue, Suite 300B Elmhurst, IL 60126 (888) 277-8810 -Transcription- I was recently asked how to get your offer on a home accepted in a hot market. There are quite a few markets in Chicagoland right now that are very hot, and all the homes are flying off the shelf right now. I wanted to offer my three tips for getting that offer accepted in this type of market. First, you don’t want to lowball the seller. Submit realistic values, because in this type of market you’ll just get rejected. Secondly, you want to […]

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  • jvolstad 2 years ago

    Is it really a hot market or is this something Realtor's say to drum up business?

  • Krzysztof P 2 years ago

    what is ICE doing??? where r they?

  • Cheeseburger Cheeseburger 2 years ago

    They're just jealous that they can't be in a gang they won't be accepted

  • Solomon's Tech 2 years ago

    That white cool chick thick

  • Stan Smith 2 years ago

    This officer is what is wrong with Chicago Police. Chicago is not Afghanistan. This city doesn't need soldiers from Iraq/Afghanistan patrolling our streets. I'm a U.S. Army war vet and we need community orientated police.

  • acajudi100 2 years ago

    We need the military.

  • SpiffyChris 123 2 years ago

    I hate white ppl who try to figure out what's going on in a community that they know nothing about and can't even relate too.

  • byron stevens 2 years ago

    What is the Problems.

  • yes let them kill each other. but then they are the ones that Bitch the most when a black man gets shot when he needs to be. this is getting stupid all this sh*t

  • Lamond Smith 2 years ago

    national quard let these fools fight Isis put them in a feikd let them kill each other so good people can live drill music is kill music no hope its the culture niggaz soft ass fuck no fighters just shooter weak ass niggaz put down the guns pussys

  • BRUCE ASKEW 2 years ago

    did yall notice that.. the guy in the goof off commercial is animal the wrestler from l.o.d

  • COUNTLUKKY18thST 2 years ago

    what does that white boy know about the real hood

  • triton115 2 years ago

    In 2010 or before, most of the violence in Chicago was from the gangs. Nowadays it appears that at least 90 percent of Chicago violence is from the flash mobs.

  • beingmyself000 2 years ago

    “The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.” Quote from AH. You're waiting for help that will never come and throwing these ideas out there that will never happen. When you take a shit does a government official stop by and wipe your ass? No so what makes you think that after you shit on your community and each other that the government will stop by and clean it up.

  • Malok Achic 2 years ago

    They want you in jail my my brother becost they macking money of you

  • K. Benson 2 years ago

    Poverty makes crime, white ppl know economics. They just act dumb as if we are born killers and thieves.

  • Be kind kiwi 2 years ago

    There is a solution. Lock all Gang members up and leave them to it

  • Darian Sanders 2 years ago

    Frank do your research how can that be if we so called only make up a small amount of the population whites dont do no crime lol that is they lie they do alot its the white man that brings drugs in the black community whites and mexican come together yall racist

  • Darian Sanders 2 years ago

    Bull crap if yall put the time that yall do looking for thesr black young men and put jobs in the black community then yall would not to drive around looking for the black man go look for white boys

  • frankandersson76 2 years ago

    Black judge Marvin Arrington's dismissal of white people from the courtroom almost four years confirms the findings by OD of Atlanta's crime problem. But those findings could be for any big city in America with a significant Black population. They are not an anomaly. Guns don't kill people; dangerous minorities do. In Atlanta, African-Americans are 54 percent of the population, but are responsible for 100 percent of homicide, 95 percent of rape, 94 percent of robbery, 84 percent of aggravated assault, and 93 percent of burglary.

  • neckarsulme 2 years ago

    It's a reality that any geographic area populated predominantly by blacks is usually crime and poverty ridden. This is true in US cities and in African countries. One would think that in a country populated entirely by blacks would have no problems, but are almost always in bad shape.