I just couldn’t help myself. When I saw this Chicago Hardy fig tree in the Tractor Supply store I had to get it. This fig thing is starting to become a bit of a problem! This fig tree variety (as the name says) is suppose to be hardy even in the freezing winter temperatures of Chicago. My only hope is that it will produce edible figs in our cool summers in a container.

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Chicago Hardy Fig | My Latest Fig Tree Addition

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  • TheTobaccoGuy !

    I bought a Celests tree 3 years ago. I now have 3 different Celeste's, a Brown Turkey, a Chicago, a LSU Purple, black mission, yellow long neck, and a couple others. Love figs.

  • Josue Roman

    I had fruits for first time on a fig tree after 5 years, and I started to see some videos about figs, and got hook. I have 3 unknown fig trees, and this year I add 12 more varieties including black madeira and smith, both considered in the top 10 varieties of over 1000 varieties in the USA by many collectors.

  • Bob Brawley

    Tractor supply bare root in those packages of anything have died on me even when they were bought with leaves on them. Where is the video on the maltese black . I just saw it 3 days ago and cant find it in my history of on your channel.. maltese black go pretty cheap . I dont see the hoopla. But they are on the buy list of various youtubers. Yea Black Mederia ok. High prices are 85 to 122 dollars . For two cutting. Are the worth that much for late ripening figs ? That I'm trying to determine myself in Oct 2019. . Orem de ma orem flavor and they dont leak honey as it is called . They are berry flavored not honey flavor. They need to be outside inside in the month of April in the 7 a zone northern va to southern NJ. To fruit by mid sept.. . Need to be potted so they could be moved in and outside in early spring. I got all this from Lou's YouTube channel. Smith seem to be a better bet in that it matures as early as July the 5th or did he say July 15. And they go for 1/4 The price of black maderia kk. Yea I will probably by a kk one day but I'm resisting it for now. Oh you bought a Peter's honey? Can tolerate rain well and cold suitable for outdoor planting. Cheap too . Like $20 at ty ty and Willis nursery. That is a favorite of Lou as well, mid season ripening delicious if you like honey figs . Some youtubers dont like them

  • cynthia sanford

    Mike ur black mission fig is great and exciting! Your chicago fig is tiny but I have a cutting odifferent varieties they had good roots and leaves i was pressed for tume and got so many at once i put them in my flower bed for temp location . About 2 months ago now they r about a ft tall great leaves. I hope u will share any info on the chi ago. chicago. Oh and i gave one of each of mine to my mother in law and hers r at least 2 ft tall. That woman can grow new toes from toe nail cuttings.

  • Anna Hymes

    I bought the same type of seedling as you show in your video but it is much bigger. It is still in the plastic bag but it is sprouting new leaves and they are getting bigger. I live in the Pacific NW as well and there is still snow in my garden and the ground is frozen…. I can't plant for a long time yet — should I just put the seedling in a pot and hope for the best?

  • Veronica Manjarres

    Hi everyone
    I purchased a Chicago fig tree it is 4' tall. This is the first time I am venturing myself into growing a fig tree.
    Should I let the plant to grow in the same pot it came until it gorws bigger? If so How tall? Any other tips will be welcome. By the way I reside in the state of New Jersey. Is this tree good for the climate of my state? I bought it because it was recommended for my zone.
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

  • Geoff V

    Dude – i’m just starting out with figs and I’m obsessed as well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and certainly helped me with my figs obsession here in Goodyear AZ.

  • Pappy

    The fig bug has bitten me as well and despite going to be 70 in about 6 months, I'm gonna grow me some figs! I used to go to Greece and bring back dried figs and loved them, as well as the fresh ones I ate there. Years ago my aunt in Portsmouth, (Tidewater area) VA had a fig tree in her back yard and she made the best fig preserves! I have recently bought off eBay cuttings from Chicago Hardy, Black Mission, and White Greek figs. I also purchased a Brown Turkey Fig 'tree' that's about 8" high that spent a week in transit thanks to the PO not doing it's job with 2 day priority mail. The little tree is doing well, has new leaves coming out of the top as well as along the sides of the pencil lead sized stem. I also bought from an eBay seller in Greece some Chicago Hardy seeds and Periklis also sent me some Italian Everbearing Fig seeds as a gift. I have those seeds 'planted' in my AeroGarden and hopefully they will sprout soon and I can have more fig plants. I'm in Central Ohio, about 50 miles north of the state capital Columbus and live in a 'mobile mansion' in a 55+ mobile home park so my yard space is limited, but I am gonna have some fig trees in the ground as well in containers!! Right now QVC is selling from Roberta's Gardens a Chicago Hardy tree that is 2 years old and they say it could produce fruit this summer. For the $29.98 and free shipping, I am so very tempted to order it. Even if it arrives in bad shape (which I don't think it will) I could probably get cuttings from it. By the way, I loved your video, you're Awesome, for sure!!! God Bless You!!

  • Diane Robinson

    I purchased 3 hardy Chicago figs from Tractor Supply in CT on 3/7/17. Planted them in pots in my basement on 3/17. Moved them outdoors on 4/15. One died, but the other 2 have done well. One tree started producing figs, but a torrential rainstorm knocked them all off. Now late October, the leaves are yellowing and dropping, so I moved them into the garage for the winter. If they survive the winter, I will plant them in the ground next spring on Cape Cod. Will try to root a few cuttings too, in late winter, following the steps in your videos. Just LOVE your videos Mike!

  • Dawn Amer Photography

    I live in Southern Sweden now and I have been going crazy trying to find the Chicago Hardy here! Please let us know what type of crop you get. Good luck!