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  • Robert Fitzsimmons 1 month ago

    Chicago cops have been completely out of control for decades.

  • charlesschirripa 1 month ago

    cases like this could be avoided if everyone took advantage of their constitutional rights, especially the 2nd ammendment

  • Randy Love 1 month ago

    The pigs are gay dirty gay

  • 13thBear 1 month ago

    Hey, if all you opinionated people have so much to complain about it, shut up and DO something about it! Haven't you heard, "talk is cheap?" DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  • jcake1000 1 month ago

    How am i suppose to believe there are good cops out there.

  • Erin Vasquez 1 month ago

    ,wow cops are just the worst !!!!

  • Brickpaving Artificial turf 1 month ago

    Rape… Rape… Rape… This is what has come down, too… Dirty cops are running like crazy… It's starts with an illegal stop then it leads to rape; and then it leads to murder by the police… This is all over the world… Especially in Chicago, New York, and California.

  • CLOWN OF COMMONSENSE 1 month ago

    AMERICA ???? YOU moron you cant even control 1 city, sickening
    6- dislikes are the trolls.

  • Emma Frost 1 month ago

    When a cop gets beaten up or killed I feel nothing because all cops are guilty of harassing and beating up people.

  • Steve Russell 1 month ago

    What was the out come of this incident.

  • Jerry Clark 1 month ago

    sue the fuck out of them,cock suckers,

  • aishma·webs·com Aishma 1 month ago

    No different from the Islamic State. Both US and the IS owned by terrorists.

  • CaliforniaArchitect 1 month ago

    This is what "tough on crime" gets you. The cops become the criminals.

  • Stoney Browning 1 month ago

    Chicago.  Well' this is what happens when you let them take your guns away!

  • Charley Wade 1 month ago

    Citizens of the U.S. do NOT have rights when confronted by the police. Police have been granted the power to detain, question, search, charge, arrest, assault, and use deadly force at their sole discretion. When deadly force is used, with the support of the courts, and public officials, police more often than not will be cleared of any wrong doing by the same courts that can and will convict, sentence and possibly incarcerate you. U.S. citizens are nothing more than revenue today and the police can do whatever they want. This is just the way it is and nothing is going to change it.

  • Shane Tripcony 1 month ago

    I am sooo sick of all these police videos, America needs a civil war, the people against the police, wipe the fuckers out and start again.

  • Vern Meyer 1 month ago

    Make those f u c k I n g pigs pay. Strip them naked and hang them in the town center, then let the people take pot shots at them until they beg to die.

  • sean folley 1 month ago

    fucken pigs should be shot

  • Citizen χ 1 month ago

    This has been the practice since the late 70's. I know this because I was a kid at the time and witnessed the injustice firsthand.

  • Timothy shaw 1 month ago

    so if i wake up  and read  where  someone  put wings on those pigs am i supposed to feel guilty for thinking  they got what they deserved…