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Books Mentioned:
North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell
The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
Travels With Charley in Search of America by John Steinbeck
84 Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith

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Anna James:
Madeline (@topshelftext on Instagram)
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Chicago Book Haul | The Dial Bookstore

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  • Melrose

    There is just something about 84 Charing cross road that can't be explained…it might be her absolute love/quest for books and the booksellers accommodating that love that is so relate-able?? It's a mystery why this tiny book has so much staying power! Look forward to your review. My goal for 2019 is to re-read all of Steinbeck that I read 40 yrs. ago, and some one's I missed. I just listened to Travels with Charley on audio read by Gary Senise…and loved it. I highly recommend To A God Unknown…quite haunting…a favorite.

  • Charmaine Saliba

    Nice haul. North and South is my favourite classic. There is also a BBC adaption and it is really good.

  • Amy Pool

    North and South and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn are both in my top five of favorite books. Very different but both incredible. Francie is a wonderful character and the relationships in N&S are so complex. I hope you enjoy them both!!! I've also heard great things about 84 Charing Cross Road, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  • Lynette Perrett

    I just love 84 Charing Cross Road is one of my all time favourite books. I have read it many times.

  • Jo Smith

    Love A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and although I haven't read 84 Charing Cross Rd I adore the movie. Lovely haul Jaclyn!

  • Teresa Grooms

    Devil in a White City is fantastic; nonfiction reading like fiction. Both storylines are interesting for various different reasons. Very informative. Educational. I always like to learn something when I read. Learned alot from this read.

  • My Reading Life

    I always love a bookstore trip in a new city! I am reading Wives and Daughters now, its great so far. I have Travels with Charley on my TBR.

  • Kristin Fields

    I’ve been on that boat tour in Chicago and found it very fascinating! I’ve read Devil in the White City. I found it not so much creepy as focusing on the historical aspects of Chicago. If I remember right it is during the World’s fair in Chicago. A very engrossing read. I have also read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. A wonderful coming-of-age book with memorable characters. I really admired the mother in the book. She is so strong, because she has to be for her children.

  • Jennifer Bell

    You’ve got so many of my favorites in this haul! My recommendation for another Steinbeck is Grapes of Wrath.

  • Jayne Catherine On Books

    Hi. I've been given your channel details from Keriann. Thank you for your lovely support over the last few days. Nice to meet you.Catherine xx

  • an enthusiastic reader

    I’m doing only one book for Victober, also by Gaskell. But instead of North and South, which I read last year, I am trying Mary Barton. And A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my all-time favorite books. If you’d like to read a Steinbeck piece of fiction that is not nearly as epic as East of Eden or The Grapes of Wrath, try The Red Pony. It’s short and it will wrench your heart. Nice haul.

  • Barter Hordes

    I know we've talked about the Hanff, but I just noticed the Erik Larson. The Devil in the White City … yes! That was my starting point for Larson, but I've enjoyed almost everything he's written.

  • Always Doing

    I love Chicago so much! I've only been once but all the architecture and history gives it a place of honor in my heart. If you get a chance to go back I highly recommend the Museum of Science and Industry. We were there for an afternoon but could have easily done a full day. There's a machine that makes "tornados" several stories high, a full German U-boat in the basement (!), and interactive exhibits of all sorts. It's reachable by commuter rail and the prefect thing to do on a rainy day.

    Put me down as a lover of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. It's a great haul of books!

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