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Video produced by If you are a senior, family member, or caregiver living in Chicago, you are lucky. You have two excellent state resources and databases to help you with your assisted living research. I will quickly show you these two sites, and how to use them to find facility information for Chicago. Firstly, the State of Illinois has a very slick and comprehensive ‘Data Portal” that offers and outstanding snapshot of the state’s assisted living facilities. This data is easily searchable, and information can be exported to a .pdf, excel document or word format document. Information includes the: Facility name, address and contact information License number Issue Date Expiration Date Number of Alzheimer’s units Total units and if Adult Day Care is available. This site, and data is updated frequently. Another excellent, non-commercial site offering in-depth information on assisted living in Chicago is the Consumer Choice Information Reports site, provided through the State’s Department on Aging. Here you’ll be able to search for assisted living establishments, searching by city, county, zip code or facility name. Searching for Chicago, a solid list of facilities comes up. Clicking on a specific facility brings up very detailed information about the facility, the facility’s website, specific services provided, religious services offered, and the languages spoken by the staff – and important consideration for a multi-cultural city like Chicago. Both of these sites are provided thorough the State of Illinois, and should be considered unbiased, and trustworthy sources of assisted living information. More information: Music Attribution: Title: Deliberate Thought  Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Related PostsGreen roof research at Michigan State UniversityDanny Glover Visits the Chicago State University Aquaponics Center – Young Enterprising SocietyJohn Edel of The Plant at Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago Annual […]

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  • mary stevenson 1 year ago

    Thanks for the brief and informative video, it helped me a lot in my seniors housing searches. I've been redirected to you from directory

  • Trish Hughes Kreis 1 year ago

    Thanks, David, for again sharing wonderful resources to help the family caregiver in their search for an assisted living facility. Well done!