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Serious Gardener show you the latest in the Vegetable Garden. See the latest on our Leeks, Potatoes, Blackberries, Litchi Tomato, Garlic, Tomatoes, Pole Beans, Cucumbers, © Brandon Marshall. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSHOKHER BAGAN 2020 # SEPTEMBER BANGLADESHI VEGETABLE GARDEN UPDATE #END OF SUMMER GARDENINGMy Vegetable Garden UpdateVegetable Garden Update 7 October to 2 December Excellent ResultVegetable Garden Update 7 October to 11 November Excellent ResultSUBURBAN HOMESTEAD VEGETABLE GARDEN UPDATE ~ HELP THIS DUMPSTER DIVER ~ CAN THIS GARDEN BE SAVED?!Full Raised Bed Garden Tour | Vegetable Gardening In Raised Beds Update

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  • hope crews 4 years ago

    Even though I'm in the Midwest, we use all the same seed suppliers, there truly is something for everyone in a garden.

  • hope crews 4 years ago

    How amazing what  bounty God blesses gardeners with, if we all but have the faith of a mustard seed.

  • hope crews 4 years ago

    Ill check your harvest vids to see how the kakais did. really want to try those, spent all winter roasting squash seeds the way most folks do pumpkin, thicker shelled true, but tasty, sprinkle them with bbq sices! yum!

  • Yoni & Mai Matkovsky 4 years ago

    Hi I just uploaded a new video from my garden Chek it out on My CHANNEL

  • office of Dexter`s lawn mowing service 4 years ago

    squash needs to be plant in the soil not on the plastic because it has no air to breath other wise

  • Barbara Espinosa 4 years ago

    What an AWESOME garden! Thanks for sharing all your work.

  • Jeremiah Williams 4 years ago

    Subscribe and check out just started a few videos on small garden. I'll check yours out too.

  • chefgiovanni 4 years ago

    Cool garden. As a Professional Chef, I would create many spectacular dishes with this organic produce.

  • PoconoPits2008 4 years ago

    So, the zucchini and squash flowers that do not have produce behind it, are those flowers ok to pick for stuffing or frying without doing harm to the plant?

  • Rachael Irelan 4 years ago

    it looks amazing. I am so jelly. lol

  • mwyatt222 4 years ago

    your suffocating your garden with the geo-fab

  • Mary Ann N. 4 years ago

    Wow! Beautiful garden. What is the black fabric? How do you water? Drip irrigation?

  • Awesome doge 4 years ago

    Thanks now I have more ideas for my garden
    You should do lemon balm It looks like mint and smells like

  • I'mCooking 4 years ago

    great garden dude

  • Joyce Burford 4 years ago


  • Newton's Third Law 4 years ago

    That isn't a squash growing yet. It's technically just a female blossom. If it doesn't get pollinated, it browns out and falls off. Be sure to help the bees out and go around the garden with a q-tip.

  • Art Garden 4 years ago

    Great job with the black fabric 😉 That would make a huge difference with soil splashing on the leaves & flys/ other pests. Do you see a big difference in growth of plants with the fabric vs not using the fabric?

  • Vincent André 4 years ago

    Would love to get such piece of land. By the way, the beans can climb quite higher than that, on our rooftop, they reach the top of our 8 feet tall and they are trying to go higher… and they are in container… see my videos if you wish (sorry, french soundtrack)

  • Jim Marcum 4 years ago

    do you use 7 dust.  my raised beds seem to have a lot of slugs and as you know that is hard on lettuce, kale etc.

  • Liliana Cordova 4 years ago

    wowwww made me to get exited to start my garden