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Hydroponics is new way of growing plants. I try cheapest & simplest method to do is my non circulating way to grow beans. This video will show you how to grow food using organic matter. There is no need to add water. You can grow in clay, bed soil, placers where this is no water. growing food organic matter no water 3rd world food growing growing food in bed soil gardening Related PostsOrganic Garden Set Up Beans HydroponicsGrowing Watercress by a Suspended Pot, Non circulating Hydroponic MethodTHE BEST CHEAPEST HYDROPONIC CLONER SYSTEM AVAILBLE EXCELLENT FOR CUTTINGS AND CLONESHow To Plant Tomatoes & Peppers into Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Arizona – Organic Gardening TipsHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningGreen Gro Beneficial Mycorrhizae Green Grow Plant Organic Hydroponics Online Hydro Store Review

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  • Gardening tips 1 week ago

    Fartilazar kia dala he o botaye vija ji

  • VISHAKHA TIWARI 1 week ago

    Good method

  • My Farm 1 week ago


  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    Click on Sharon Tirrill, to see a picture of how it worked.

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    All those years ago God showed me how to grow this way to help feed the people that need it. You can help by sharing this sight with missionaries and people going to 3rd world countries and poor people in America. I give God all the glory.

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    To use a 5 Gallon bucket, make sure it did not have paint or any thing toxic in it. Cut bottom out of it. Put into ground 4 or 5 inches. Fill and pack down weeds or grass, put lid or plastic on so the condensation won't escape. Make sure you do not use organic matter that has pesticides or weed killer on it. Plant seeds around it. You can water the seeds until you see them start to grow fast and strong, that is when they have taped into the water and decomposed organic matter under the bucket. Then don't water any more. I give God all the glory. Have fun.

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    No, just use bale of hay or green grass. No adding water to it. Sit it on the bare ground, clay, dirt, it does not matter.after plastic is over it, it starts to break down because the condatation will do it. Roots will go to water and decomposing organic matter. Don't open plastic until after growing season. If you use a five gallon Puckett. Cut bottom out, you can keep refilling it, just make sure you keep lid on. Don't use any organic that has pesticides or weed control on it.

  • Gene Mumau 1 week ago

    Good info, mostly pretty clear. You say to put plastic over the bale of hay. I assume the hay needs to be decaying or perhaps soak it first. I'm also wondering if I plant in clay soil where do the roots go? Another question: in the video you show plastic over decaying material with plants close to it. How do I get more material (i.e. grass clippings) under the plastic when the vines grow large and cover the plastic?

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    Go ahead and water the vine seeds until they are taped in to the water under the plastic

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    If it's vine seeds. Put two or three seeds about 4 inches apart around bale of hay.. If already started tomato plants, put roots under the plastic.

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    This was done to show missionary's how to grow food to help the people around them. Try experiment… One bale of hay, put plastic around and over it. Plant seeds close to plastic. I give God all,the glory.

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    You can use this system for any garden. I just wanted to show it can be done in bad soil or if you did not enough water.

  • Sharon Tirrill 1 week ago

    This was done using the first equipment in 1989'. The best at the time.