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How to build and install a Deep Water Aeronautic system for growing salads. Video Rating: / 5 Related Postsaeroponic cloners. day 5 update of air stone bubbles vs the ultrasonic mistmakerHow-to build a 5 gallon hydroponic DWC system with trellis for cucumbersHow To Build Cheap Homemade Indoor Hydroponic Systems PlansDIY Plans How To Build Cheap Homemade Indoor Hydroponic SystemsHow To Make A Cheap Hydroponic Grow SystemHomemade DWC Hydroponics System – DIY Deep Water Culture How-to

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  • Atom izer 5 months ago

    ultrasonic fog looks impressive but its not very effective for growing 😉

  • Roy McGibbon Permaculture where the heart is! 5 months ago

    Absolutely brilliant Ed, love it, cant wait to see it in action 😉  So how's things mate ? Have you got a little more time on your hands now, I hate work getting in the way of things I want to do in the garden, speak soon buddy 😉

  • In the garden with Papa 5 months ago

    Great video Edward, thanks for sharing


  • Chris Towerton 5 months ago

    Another good looking finished product you have there 🙂 Though I'm not likely to take this path myself, I am looking forward to following it up… 🙂

    @ 4:30 … Mr RobBob, a bloke here on YouTube shared a nice idea for drilling plastic; that is to run the drill backwards and effectively melt your way through it… apparently it's a lot tidier and more easily controlled, particularly on cheap/thin plastics?? I've not personally tried it yet, but it seem to make sense 🙂