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HOW TO to create a low cost rooftop vegetable garden using an old water tank. I managed to get it constructed in about Rs. 8000 and paid the guy about Rs. 2000 for labor to get it working. It was fun growing vegetables on my terrace, but then I decided to create Food Forests. Right now creating one at EBHLE After you watch the video, the rest is quite easy. Just put the seeds in the soil and put water in the pipe twice a month. Also when you put earthworms in the soil they will automatically go inside in about 10 minutes. Just make sure you have enough organic veg waste in the worm bin. That’s all there is to it. Also watch another video which shows how to protect it from heavy rainfall. My blog Sustainable Living Indians – Mumbai Sulins – Video Rating: / 5 This is the roof top garden on newly contructed house in Hyderabad suburbs. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRaised Beds – Cheap vegetable gardening beds – Permaculture Design – Huglekultur Vegetable gardenRooftop vegetable gardenHow to Grow an Urban Rooftop Container Vegetable GardenRoofTop Garden, Hyd, India, Sept 24 2013Rooftop Garden waterproofing Testing Hyderabad A.P IndiaOrganic Rooftop Garden (Hyderabad) – 1 (2017)

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  • Jason Weyand 1 year ago

    nice strategy?

  • ranjit kumar 1 year ago

    The concept is good but the system made for earthworms doesn't work.
    One more thing is clear that coco pet is only the media for low weight good drainage and very poor in nutrition. This doesn't work good for plants. This is my personal experience ?

  • ashish jain 1 year ago

    Gr8 job

  • anuka srinivas 1 year ago

    hi bro
    it is very good , its very simple

  • Chaya Susanne Golan 1 year ago

    Hey Rishi Gangoly,
    It looks really cool, your project! What a shame the rats should have gotten the better of it! How about keeping some cats? I have lots of fun with my seven and they keep me free of rats and other rodents, snakes or scorpions. Anyway I would assume that you'll have rats in the country side as well – among others. I have friends that brought a black mice/rat-eating snake home (it is otherwise not dangerous or poisonous) and ever since everybody is happy…

  • Joe Zach 1 year ago

    More impressed by your DIY project, and the way you captured it on video for a lay man to understand and follow (with no frill language) Do let us know when the Suryagram project takes off. By the way you from Byculla?
    Here is to the humorous side of kitchen garden

  • Milan Kumar 1 year ago

    It was a great learning experience. Thanks Rishi.I have also developed an organic terrace garden on the seventh floor of our building (In Mumbai) by recycling kitchen waste and other waste like plastic, discarded building bamboos, brick debris etc. This video will show that you can get amazing yields even in pots on a terrace. Here

  • Dinkar Shirke 1 year ago

    very nice ! happy to see some indians r sharing their knowledge beautifully !God bless u !?

  • Gardening Tips With Phil 1 year ago

    To get really healthy and nutritious vegetables and fruit organic is the way to go because you look after the soil and thus the health of the plant, just my opinion. Got a few hints and tips on my channel.?

  • Rudra Ghosh 1 year ago

    guru…saw ur video….quite informative.?

  • Durgesh Singh 1 year ago

    hi rishi !!! this is Durgesh here from 10 A, St.Marys, abu.good to see you .just surfing around for terrace garden and i came across your video.where are you??

  • Chandrakant L. Sawant 1 year ago

    Great job?

  • Shubha Mondkar 1 year ago

    Where is this Suryagram? Is it somewhere near Mumbai? Can i come and visit? Would like to some things from you and adapt at my farm on Khopoli Pali rd in Raigad

  • Piyush Mangla 1 year ago

    Hi Rishi,

    Your video is inspirational, can you suggest from where i can get the coco peat in delhi. And is coco peat is self sufficient. No soil is required along with it?

    Piyush Mangla?

  • Mohammedali Ali 1 year ago

    U given a cape of good hope thanks..unfortunately u didn't complete is vary sad.U explained that u moved to another project. But the next step of sure u can't show in video, so please put a nice explained note….Expecting soon thanks…?

  • TheBushdoctor68 1 year ago

    A good video on a very nice project, but you did go wrong on the coco-peat/water ratio and you know it because you cut the video before we could see that. 😉
    You were basically creating coco-peat slush. There is no way that just one of those blocks will be enough to create a grow medium. You should have shown that, before other people make the same mistake. Otherwise, it's a good video.?

  • Sheds Direct 1 year ago

    I appreciate your effort for making this video more comprehensive and understandable to every viewers. In regards to your ideas, I found it very convincing. You did a great job!

  • narasimha rao Boga 1 year ago

    thank u sir , pl post more , can u pl show the after plantation

  • Renga raj 1 year ago

    super sir

  • Murali N 1 year ago

    Nice trial.Only regret is you abandoned this project.Thanks for sharing Indian wicking bed -Rishi Gangoly style.All the best for Suryagram.?

  • Shamanth Velmajala 1 year ago

    how much money it took?

  • rajasekar krishnan 1 year ago


  • manikdesign 1 year ago

    at 0.43 there is a plug socket in the sink. that is just plain stupid and very dangerous. accident waiting to happen. other than that very nice rooftop garden?

  • Satish chandra 1 year ago


  • Abhishek Guha Roy 1 year ago

    Can a regular roof take the weight of the garden or does it have to specially built for the purpose ??

  • Dr. Sabita Laskar 1 year ago

    its simply superb…i also have a terrace which i want to convert into a garden…i have already casted the slab which is 4 and half inches thick in the middle and 4" on the sides. my mason says he will cast another slab on top of it which would be 1 ans half inches thick. we are also using dr fixit in the cement for water proofing….will that be sufficient….plz help…..i do not think anyone can have a terrace garden like you do…..but i will really appreciate

  • surender sanke 1 year ago

    wow, splendid to seee…
    please provide the contact details along with phone numbers

  • Hari Nair 1 year ago

    @yampati Don't you have issue with water leakage from roof ? primarily bcoz the the grass ?

  • Arun V 1 year ago


  • dilip1a 1 year ago

    Really beautiful?

  • dhaval kedaria 1 year ago

    wow Great?

  • Nothing like it man !! Awesome !?

  • Jane Troughton 1 year ago

    Very cool. I would love you to visit my roof top garden in Africa:

  • anand baheti 1 year ago

    Lovely…kisiki nazar na lage… I would suggest a terrace jacuzzi & a small bar(if u drink). ;)?

  • Richard Branam 1 year ago


  • Ramgopalreddy Vangapaty 1 year ago

    needed information?

  • Ramgopalreddy Vangapaty 1 year ago

    its good?

  • rajan gr 1 year ago

    Fantastic ,?

  • imran tahir 1 year ago

    Superb garden in roof sir , i am rplanning to build roof garden as like this , can you provide me some details regarding this …waiting for your reply or mail me at plz plz plz u might have given full details to some 1 then plz forward them