Cheap modern landscaping

Cheap modern landscaping. Gravel is just the finishing touch! Before making this video, I had to pour two sets of concrete steps, 11 rectangular sidewalk sections and 3 concrete window wells, all of which have their own video. Concrete Steps: Modern Design Playlist Greenhouse Construction Playlist Renovation and Renovation Playlist Rough Woodworking Playlist Custom Woodworking Playlist VanDam Construction, Inc is licensed in Utah and can be used for commercial and residential buildings of any project size. Join us on the journey to create a fully customized experience! Check out our music from


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  • Scuba Steve

    I would suggest putting a 2×12 on the ground to make straight lines.The whole design is horrible. But that's just my opinion, glad you like it.

  • MML 1

    good vid! i will , it seem slike in section u added a lot of rocks/granulars abot 3 inches, so maybe the weight of the crushed stone didn't help towards the bowing issues, right?


    I wonder if you had used the stakes in every single hole that it would have stayed straighter when the sun heats the plastic. Nice look though. First time watching your videos.

  • marco lopez

    I have a nice big yard with space on the side too. The side yard it's just sitting there looking boring..I want to use that space too..the side yard has a slope which iam thinking of removing or adding dirt to level. After that iam gonna lay down concrete to use that space too. However, now iam debating between gravel and concrete for the side yard space ( 15ft from house to fence and 60ft long.)…my only concern is gravel getting stuck under shoes and bringing it into the house…I have very nice plank vinyl flooring.. we won't be taking shoes off to go into house.

  • Trim That Weed - Your Gardening Resource

    It's not perfect but the affordable solutions did make for a great change in the landscape. I really like how the colors contrasted. Gave us some great ideas for a yard we are working on right now.

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