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This video covers making a simple, non-electric, low maintenance, hydroponic set-up from things you have at home, no special tools or equipment. Mason jar hydroponics Video Rating: / 5 How I make my 2 part hydroponic liquid nutrients. Visit the LED grow light site: Mixing your own from powders would save you a ton of money over the ready made stuff you normally would find at a hydroponics store. Works just as well if not better and you get to control what you put into them. My General Purpose Recipe: Part A: 1 gal RO or distilled water 600 grams Masterblend 4-18-38 Tomato Special 300 grams Epsom Salt 1.5 grams Sodium Benzoate as a preservative Part B: 1 Gal RO or distilled water 1,100 grams Calcium Nitrate (YaraLiva CALCINIT) The above would make a 250x concentrate (each gallon of concentrate would make 250 gallons of working solution). I use it at 15ml part A and 15ml part B for each 1 gallon of water. With RO water you would get an EC of about 2.0 or PPM of 1000 at the 500 scale. Working strength nutrient breakdown (approximate): N – 203 ppm P – 50 ppm K – 200 ppm Mg – 45 ppm Ca – 220 ppm S – 50 ppm Fe – 2.5 ppm Zn – 0.63 ppm B – 1.27 ppm Cu – 0.63 ppm Mo – 0.063 ppm Mn – 1.27 ppm Cl – 12.7 ppm Hope that helps. Again, this is not a fits all solution, just what I use personally, feel free to change the recipe to your requirements as needed. God Bless, Vitaly Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow To Build A Cheap Recirculating Container For HydroponicsCheap Ebb abd Flow homemade hydroponics systemSMDC D.I.Y. Home Improvement Video Series : D.I.Y. Wall Planters […]

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  • Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby 1 year ago

    I love this! That is so cool that you use no special tools or equipment. I love to do things like this. I find 1-gallon milk jugs work great for me. I normal need a bit more of a water reservoir. New sub look forward to seeing more of your videos :)

  • komalthecoolk 1 year ago

    Thanks so much for this method for beginners like me! :)

  • elliemae4525 1 year ago

    Oh, one thing not addressed.  What about the light source for the actual plant.  Is it needed?

  • elliemae4525 1 year ago

    Wow, so simple.  I spent yesterday watching Kratkey videos and decided to do some online pricing!  WHAT!?!  I gave up on that idea really fast.  I wish I'd seen your video first.  You're a great teacher.  Very thorough.  Thanks for the great info.  I think I can do this, now.

  • CrazyLikeA... 1 year ago

    Cheap and easy. Anyone can grow something! Excellent video sir!

  • MsGorteck 1 year ago

    Oh my gosh, this was a great video. You explain how to do it VARY well, and give time lines. Thanks. You should talk to Frugelgreengirl and ask why you lettus using Micricel grow is doing WAY(!!!) better than hers. Both doing the same thing.

  • AggieEngineer11 1 year ago

    What types of vegetables would do well in a 1 quart mason jar? I assume tomatoes would be out of the question since it sounds like they grow 2 or 3 feet minimum.

  • Amp Toad 1 year ago

    I am working on making a "tea" for nutrients provided by my chickens. Might not work as well as store bought, but least I know half of what my girls are eating.

  • Caroline Honse 1 year ago

    Great guy, great idea.

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    thanks guy i will try in plant shop to see if they have .in miracle grow great guy

  • dev bachu 1 year ago

    so simple tell me can i used any all purpose fertiliser an mix in water as a solution to grow my plants

  • Ona Anderson Watkins 1 year ago

    could you paint the jar?

  • Nina Mefford 1 year ago

    Tomatoes would not do well in this type of system, the mason jar system is really meant for produce that is harvested within 30-45 days. Thanks for your comment! Thomas

  • Lisa Elle 1 year ago

    Very cool. If wanting to get some hydroponic cups for this, what size fit the mason jars? And can you grow tomatoes like this?

  • swampbanit 1 year ago

    I would like to know where you get your measuring cups and mixer. I have checked the internet and only found measurement marked in ml or oz.

  • April McColly 1 year ago

    can I use Boxic acid instead of Sodium Benzoate??

  • JR92562 1 year ago

    Any new videos coming ?

  • Jane Doe 1 year ago

    If you mess up with too much Potassium Silicate what do you use to bring the ph down? I tried vinegar but after a few hours, the ph goes right back up again so vinegar the acid must be very weak or it needs a buffer? to keep it stable?

  • Joyce Madriñal 1 year ago


  • Gelmer Angela 1 year ago

    Hi im starting out my own hydroponic lettuce garden, i'd like to know what kind of solution would work for these types of plants. Any suggestions ?

  • Melech Ha'arayot 1 year ago

    Can this be used in Aeroponics?

  • todd swartz 1 year ago

    Sweet, Thanks for the tip on letting the C. N. set to get rid of the cloudiness and settlement , I have had a problem with a lot of white partials on the bottom of my reservoirs,Nice set up by the way.
    Thanks Again!

  • End Game Liberty 1 year ago

    Great stuff and always informative! Vitaly, got a question. For how many months can I keep the mix without Sodium Benzoate and still have an effective A+B solution? What if I use a none transparent plastic bottle to hold the solution in a dark place. Would that help keep algae out? My fear is that I'll not find Sodium Benzoate easily here in Europe.

    How do you create your PH up and PH down (do you have any video on that? wink wink)

  • John Clamshell SP 1 year ago

    UPDATE. I made your solution to the gram, the results are STUNNING. WOW. All my plant are growing at insane pace. Thank you very much.

  • W. Maximillian de Johnsonbourg 1 year ago

    Nice video.

  • John Clamshell SP 1 year ago

    Thank you for providing this awesome video. I purchased everything and its all mixed tonight. It is stunning on the amount of money I will save. My kids and wife love the outdoor hydro garden, no dirt, no mess and wicked tons of yummy veggies.

  • Ed19601 1 year ago

    interesting. nevertheless I just use aquaponics and plants do well. Your plants look great though

  • nery colon 1 1 year ago

    Your plants looks great. I like hydroponic but we have mosquito problem. For now I'm doing gardening with dirt. Love watching for whenever we solve the problem, maybe I can start one. Loved and Subbed.

  • phil fox 1 year ago

    Rainwater a kettle for use with rain water only saves an hour. the rust adds iron particles into the mix no problem.

  • Keith Collura 1 year ago

    Does the sod benz. stop algae growth as well?

  • marj farm 1 year ago


  • Da Dreadlock Ganja Farmer 1 year ago

    Growmau sent me….#GrowersLove