Used 18 gallon rubbermaid container and basin from Ikea to make a real simple hydroponics system. For more details check out
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Cheap Ebb abd Flow homemade hydroponics system

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  • CChief144

    You gotta plug those holes by your overflow pipe and let that thing flood all the way and let the overflow pipe do its job. Really soak those roots. Flood 5 min every 2 hrs. It'll grow though. Nice work.

  • gukobi

    @jaspertodd Roots on the bottom can be under water. Look at DWC systems. The roots above water use more oxygen and bottom roots use nutrient. As long as they're kept moist they will do fine even when exposed to light.

  • coal4life

    @paulrpmg Right you are. The only thing on the tv that's good is the weather report. And come to think of it… I don't trust them. Toss the media out and keep some stuff ya need in the pantry and hope the mofos don't drag ya off to a FEMA camp. I raised both my sons to question the man. They are the best people I know. They get it. Take the green pill.

  • jaspertodd

    Where do your Roots go?Dont they grow out of your pots and into your tray?Wont that ruin the roots?I ask cause i wanna setup a ebb and flo,aka flood and drain system.
    I grew in a rubbermaid storage bin.It had 6 plants in it.but the Roots grew right into the water.But i wanted to try something diffrent.

  • naturalobserver

    Nice practical video, thanks – personally most helpful for adjusting to not having a yard any longer. Motivation to turn my day basement into a haven. However, it looks like despite having a plot of one's own, hydroponics would have still been the way to go for vegetable harvesting and for starting landscape flowers/plants from seed or cuttings…

  • Zach Vialpando

    @zcarporn not to be mean but it seems like every time someone from another country fighting someone from America always has to say something about Americans. and its pretty stupid to say. because only a few of the 300 million Americans are ignorant. so tell him he him self is personally ignorant not every single American (:

  • NeekoDizzy

    @mindy2215 Try a compact florescent or a small High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide. Also make sure the water stays aerated. A simple fish tank air pump will do just fine, this can be substituted by flooding more often for a shorter time period. I would try this first as it would show why your plant is growing weak. Also experiment by giving half strength nutrients for a while. Hydro companies give a general idea but it is more often than not very high.

  • emslas

    I am fascinated by the hidroponics theme and trying to grow lettuce inside my apartment but plants grow too weak. I put nutrients according to istructions, but it seem s that the light is not strong enough. I use a fluorescent grow light and it is not working. Any help?

    What is holding the plants? Cubes?

  • Rhonda Blair

    I saw your video on hydro-gardening. You seem to care about helping the environment and not just out there trying to sell a hydro system, I thought you might be willing to answer a few of my questions. 1. I have a worm farm/compost bin. Can I use "worm tea" to fertilize? I do not like chemical fertilizers. 2. What types of growing media have you used, wool, rocks, perlite, STG, etc. which do you prefer? 3. Do you prefer E&F, floating table, drip method, etc.? Thanks for helping a "newbie".

  • David Stewart

    @goodtimes 1123 – Hydroton I do believe

    @walied2k2 – Wrong, O2 or atleast air. Roots don't need CO2, it's the leafs that would for increased rate of photosynthesis. Roots love two things; water and air.

    @fiddlewiddle1 – I'd agree with the idea of covering the water and roots from lights, I highly doubt that it'd double his yield. But it is a good tip nonetheless.

    @cheapvegtablegarden – Nice vid, made a similar system myself and it works great.

  • walied2k2

    good point from

    also keep in mind that when your draining your replacing the water with air (CO2), so a cover would be ideal to give the roots more CO2, which is essential in plant growth.

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