DIY hydroponics watering system

Table of contents
* Introduction 0:00
* Parts List 0:26
* Assembly 3:23
* Plant Installation 14:52
* Animal 20:58
* Credits 21:15

The reservoir and tubing really should be opaque to prevent algae growth.
Recommended medium (what the plant is grown in) is currently according to many online sites a combination of ceramic pellets and coconut coir.
If you have a dog and it hasn’t taken notice of the system do not place it in front of him. He will remember it exists and sometimes will “investigate” your windowsill farms potentially to disastrous results.

Parts list (excluding recycled materials and plant medium/nutrients) and approximate pricing

1. Air pump
2. Tubing
3. T- Connector
4. Check valve
5. Regulator valve (for a 5 pack)
6. Timer
7. Flowerpot

Approximate total:

Cheap DIY Windowsill Hydroponics Drip Watering System

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