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This is my first video of my dutch bucket hydroponic system. Hope you guys like it please feel free to comment and provide and ideas on how to make this syst… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Cara menanam secara Hydropoinik/hidroponik, tanpa menggunakan tanah. Related PostsHow to Build a Modular Flood and Drain Grow Bucket Hydroponic SystemHOW TO MAKE HYDROPONIC SYSTEM AT HOME //EASY AND CHEAPHydroponic NFT सिस्टम सस्ते मे कैसे बनाए। Homemade cheap hydroponic NFT SystemGrow Tons of Tomatoes, Peppers and Figs – Dutch Bucket Hydroponic SystemHydroponic NFT सिस्टम सस्ते मे कैसे बनाए। Homemade cheap hydroponic NFT SystemMy 2 Bucket RDWC Hydroponic System

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  • kenny stonehead 5 years ago

    I’m in Bangkok, Thailand (Real heat here everyday all year long).

    To reduce temperature during the hot day, you may bury your water tanking
    underground or increase size of your water tank. Another way to reduce
    heat is to increase water draining and circulate speed.?

  • bionikspoon 5 years ago

    Nice work! A possible work around for your over powered pump: use the pump
    to fill an elevated bucket/reservoir and let gravity feed the drip lines
    from the elevated bucket. It’d be like your own personal water tower.?

  • Ajit Chauhan 5 years ago

    Very nice, What is the frequency of watering, is there any sprinkler nozzle
    inside the bucket, after how much time pump will start up to how much

    Have you installed a timer for pump?

    Inam very newer , just started, I think ,You should cover your reservoir
    and you can insulate your tank with thermocol/sponge from sides and bottom,
    also need to cover plants with polythene and green cloth ?

  • Tang Bui 5 years ago

    thanks for the video… do you put any chemical to the water for growing
    tree ? thanks?

  • algotrash 5 years ago

    I believe that the situation of your project is increasing your temperature
    Your wall stores heat from the sun and transfers it back to the plant and
    you have the same problem with your concrete ground heating up the water in
    the water tank.
    Have you tried placing insulation between the water tank and the ground,
    maybe paint the water tank in white?
    Neat project anyway. ;)?

  • Steven Chipps 5 years ago

    cover the buckets to give the roots dark no light if that dont help freze a
    2 liter bottle an stick it in the rez?

  • Deb Cobern 5 years ago

    How about putting a white painted trellis over your system? This would
    still allow enough light in to your plants but cool everything down. Also
    condider painting that black tote white.?

  • Dan Roy 5 years ago

    Cover/shade ur black reservoir, air temp don’t make it too hot, it’s the
    direct sun light.?

  • 1mtstewart 5 years ago

    check out Bobby’s (mhpgardener) video. he gives the Grainger stock # for
    those grommets. if you have one locally you can pick up there, otherwise
    the shipping is more than the grommet. It is good to develop local
    resources also. congrats on your baby coming.?

  • Dave Morris 5 years ago

    freeze gal jugs in freezer and drop them in reserovir to keep water cool
    all day?

  • louis ortiz 5 years ago

    ice packs work great and there cheap ….insulate your res and buckets and
    your lines ?

  • Frank Garcia 5 years ago

    dig a hole and put your reservoir in the ground to help keep the water cool?

  • Marius Van Niekerk 5 years ago

    Thank for the video and the trips. The hydroponic “bug” bit me and
    currently I have 5 x 4 months old elephant garlic plants which I am going
    to transplant into the dutch bucket system or my variation of it. For
    “Plant food” or nutrients I will buy some liquid “fish poo” at the local
    nursery and see if it works. ?

  • je99na2 5 years ago

    Move the reserve tank inside the garage ?

  • orlaimage 5 years ago

    Thank you for your post, real nice video with good information. I have a
    question: Where can I get the White Bucket? and it is safe for food growing?
    Thank you again

  • 1mtstewart 5 years ago

    freeze some liter or 2 liter bottles and put them in during the day.
    refreeze over night. great video keep exploring! thanks?

  • LARRY R 5 years ago

    I live in Phoenix and my reservoir is buried with only 2″ above ground. The
    top of the reservoir is covered with a hinged white wooden lid. I’m using 3
    gallon black bato buckets (12 each, I didn’t think to get free buckets)
    which I have enclosed within a white plywood top and sides (open at the
    bottom with holes cut for the buckets) to keep the sun off the buckets and
    to keep the roots dark. I use 5-gallon paint strainer bags in the buckets
    and fill them with perlite, no inserts. The system works well until about
    June and I don’t care what you put in the reservoir to keep the water cool,
    some plants like tomatoes do not produce well above 90 degrees. I totally
    agree with having a larger reservoir. Keep the sun off your reservoir and
    the sides of your buckets and you should do fine.?

  • Jere Knowles 5 years ago

    Put your water tank in the ground that will help keep it cooler ?

  • Jacqueline C. Marsh 5 years ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is that you must buy “plant food” or
    nutrients and supplements that can be costly.?

  • Matilda James 5 years ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is you will need to buy “plant food” or
    nutrition and supplements which are more costly.?

  • Shane Christopher 5 years ago

    submerge your water! it will stay cool, at least dig a hole and put your
    tote in it.?

  • Here in South Florida I have the same Heat issues. There are several ways
    to get around it. First is to only grow in the Months with R. Or just the
    reverse of the North that grows in summer only. That is what I am doing
    now. Shade Cloth is very popular with Commercial Farmers because it does
    cut out some heat but also Sun light for growing. Finally water coolers
    work great but are expensive. I am in the Process of trying to build my own
    water cooler using a small up right Freezer and RV anti Freeze in a closed
    loop system. Hopefully by cooling my water, my plant can survive the heat.

  • Andrew Hyder 5 years ago

    Nice system. I think the some of the heat is due to the storage tank being
    black and in direct sunlight. ?

  • David Rizzo 5 years ago

    i hope you colored the buckets as white buckets will let algae growth?

  • evo lucy 5 years ago

    kalau boleh tau..
    air nya harus mengalir terus atau boleh air yang diam saja?

  • Ning Tokz 5 years ago

    pengin nyoba?

  • okky triansyah 5 years ago

    mba klo mau beli rockwool dmana ya?trimakasih ?

  • noor webs 5 years ago

    mantabb.siib lamgsung mau coba nie?

  • bertha suranto 5 years ago
  • QiblaNet Kedep 5 years ago

    nutrisinya banyak kok yg jual. cari aja di gugel?

  • thomson adityafm 5 years ago

    bisa disebutkan merk nutrisi A & B yang sudah jadi tinggal pake

  • diny nataamadja 5 years ago

    maksutnya 1 tutup A, satu tutup B itu isinya apa bu?

  • Cikal Melisa 5 years ago

    A nutrisi yg mengandung .unsur hara makro :Nitrogen (N), Fosfor (P), Kalium
    (K), Kalsium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Belerang (S), Besi (Fe), Mangan (Mn),
    Boron (B), Molibdenum (Mo), Tembaga/cuprum (Cu), Seng (Zn) dan Klor (Cl). B
    nutrisi yg mengandung unsur hara mikro :Besi (Fe), Mangan (Mn), Boron (B),
    Molibdenum (Mo), Tembaga/cuprum (Cu), Seng (Zn) dan Klor (Cl), Natrium
    (Na), Cobalt (Co), Silicon (Si), Nikel (Ni). kebutuhan nutrisinya berbeda2
    menurut jenis tanaman nya

  • Hayuu Namae 5 years ago

    mba, kalo rockwool belinya dimana ya? aku lg nyari didaerah bintaro,
    kira-kira ada ngga? makasih sebelumnya

  • Dian Kristia 5 years ago

    kalo boleh tahu nutrsi A dan B bisa didapat dimana ya??dan dengan merek

  • yhoenx 5 years ago

    makasi sudah share mbak, ijin ngesave ya buat panduan.