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Medical Marijuana Advisor shows you how to make a simple Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System for .00. If you are just getting started with hydroponics this is one of the simplest and cheapest… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Compost Tea & Hydroponics ? My 1st attempt at organic hydroponics. I use water from my Aquaponics system & Composted cow manure & worm castings to make my Aquaponic Compost Tea. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsHow to Build an Easy Hydroponic Deep Water Culture DWC Bucket SystemHow I Built My DWC System – Recirculating Deep Water Culture – Hydroponic Peppers & Tomatoes EASYHow to build recirculating deep water culture hydroponic bucket system 5 gallon hydroponic bucketsHow to build recirculating deep water culture hydroponic bucket system how to grow hydroponic foodHow To Build A (DWC) Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Setup ( Easy and Cheap )DIY DWC Hydroponics – Cheap and easy deep water culture hydroponic spinach garden

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  • Ike D 5 years ago

    Good vid here, the only problem i keep havin is dialing in my nutes what
    info can u offer on that subject? Is more always better like nutes an
    additives while the plant is in veg by more i mean follow the instructions
    on the nutes an also put additives, also do u keep dropping the water the
    longer the roots grow or is the 2″+ down enough after the roots reach the
    water? ?

  • Britany Silva 5 years ago

    The reason many people couldn’t finish the hydroponics building is due to
    an incorrect blueprint.?

  • Vince Gallegos 5 years ago


  • Tawanda Niccolls 5 years ago

    Hydroponics is an effective system but it have some drawback, you will need
    to buy some “plant food”, nutrients and supplements which can be expensive.
    Before building any hydroponics system, it is best to look at the benefit
    from aquaponics system, which can automate 95% of work.?

  • Shanobix209 5 years ago

    If you’re using a single bucket. Would you need a reservoir??

  • tinktwiceman 5 years ago

    @MMAdvisor Does anyone know how I can Measure 2 inches below the net pot
    with the lid on? Thanks!!?

  • End the police corruption 5 years ago

    what do you put into the water for food. and are the roots supposed to be
    underwater all the way or partial??

  • MMAdvisor 5 years ago

    @xTAKEEx Thanks man. This system works great, I have got killer results
    with it. Let me know how it works for you. I will be posting some update
    pics back at my web-site of this DWC system with the tasty BlackJack clone
    we have in her. Should be pretty cool…. Thanks again Medical Marijuana

  • jaygorny 5 years ago

    dude where did u get the net pot/lid thingy…i used regular plastic pots,
    and just drilled a ton of holes in it ……tedious, but it got the job

  • veggienate 5 years ago

    Why not drill the hole for the air hose into the lid so you can lift it up
    and set it into a clean bucket with your fresh nutrient solution in it?

  • KingEarley 5 years ago

    Please make another vid. With better quality

  • MMAdvisor 5 years ago

    @bamakush Depending on the strain you choose I would run at least one
    600watt light. I use 1 600 watt hps for flower on each 5gal DWC. With
    Advanced Nutrients I usually get half to a full dried pound of medical
    marijuana from each 5gal DWC.

  • Will Metcalf 5 years ago

    @wyattb995 i would suggest a deep water culture since it is cheap easy and

  • dlowthadon 5 years ago

    hey man i was grow in soil but im gonna do dwc after seeing this… my
    seedlings are in soil and are starting to sprout will i still be able to
    transfer those to dwc and if so how do it can i get some email feedback too
    cuz thru this process im gonna have alot of questions

  • PhilLesh69 5 years ago

    It doesn’t cost too much more to add a control or reservoir bucket. A
    second bucket, 1/2″ tubing, grommets and barbed connectors, a second air
    pump and maybe a water pump. The advantage is in maintaining water temps,
    checking/fixing ph/tds, and even adding a little bit of circulation. But
    your setup proves just how simple DWC truly is.

  • Purple420 Haze30 5 years ago

    hey man whats up. im looking to start my first hydro grow this winter, And
    i’ve found your info very helpful the only question i got is where do i get
    the real good seed from. you kno like god bud, strawberry haze, you kno
    shit like that. i dont kno where to order it from, because they track the
    mail for shit like that you kno, so do you have any advice bro? And do you
    know any good deals on lights, like h.p.s and m.h ? can you email me
    directly at thanks

  • zepperone1 5 years ago

    That is a grow set up,,I just may try that. Please check out my nea
    video’s. I am now using 1200 watts of LED grow lights,,just put,,
    zepperone1 into any brower,and all my video’s will come up.I am also using
    some very big pots,showing just how big can they get.

  • ravin4550 5 years ago

    What is the purpose for droping the water level after the roots show? Is it
    to keep the plant from drowning or?

  • microroots 5 years ago

    Use black buckets, otherwise your roots will get light on them and suffer!

  • robin brown 5 years ago

    I have seen other videos where they added a drain hole at the bottom which
    makes changing out nutrients super easy

  • Riko Bilam 5 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your movie. I have just made my very own aquaponics
    system. It was actually simple, easy and it appears and works like the
    system that cost you thousands more, by following this informative guide
    Have a look at below blog to find out more:

  • Hc Turbo 5 years ago

    Hey man nice explaining and smooth bro so what’s ur ppm schedule I’m using
    tht sensi bloom to it’s good stuff do u get nice buds tht smell good
    curious ? Also are u gna post all the way through harvest hit me up with
    the ppm schedule it’s driving me nuts their calculator is all wrong

  • Dimitri Navrides 5 years ago

    dude fucking great video thanks man, you’ve really explained it well and i
    really understand the basic idea of a deep water culture system! fast,
    easy, informative. nice job!

  • mothafuknjuicedawg 5 years ago

    I’m trying this out for the first time. Today is day one in the DWC.
    MMAdvisor makes it look to easy not to do. THNAKS FOR THE INFO MAN

  • Harry Mercer 5 years ago

    Your advise is great

  • ImMADasAMeatAxe 5 years ago

    hydroponic cow manure now thats interesting, good idea?

  • Joni Solis 5 years ago

    +Austin Family Gardening Channel Please tell us you have done an update
    video on this experiment. Could you please post the link to the update
    video here. Thanks! ?

  • HowToHydroponics 5 years ago

    was there an update to this? very curious myself.?

  • Horta em Baldes 5 years ago

    thank you very much, i only use orjanics , u give me all infos i was
    searching for., and i love to watch your videos and your beautiful
    children, God bless you all. and God bless also doctor bernard kratky?

  • Patricia E. Hartford 5 years ago

    Within a single weekend I built my own aquaponics system and I also have
    already grown tomatoes, lettuces, green beans and plenty of other
    vegetables and fruits?

  • Shane Peart 5 years ago

    oh and eventually your roots will need more space i recommend more and
    bigger holes in the cup

  • Kang Zumwalt 5 years ago

    how did this turn out for you?

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Yea your right.This year i’m using a bigger net cup. I wasn’t sure if that
    would work, so thats why I used that home made cup. Thanks for the advice.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    I never new that. It was my 1st time growing in hydro last year. Any help &
    advice is much appreciated! Thanks Shane.

  • Veilside1000HP 5 years ago

    I thought of this couple month ago but never tried it, so I thought the
    same thing. Wonder how will it turn out and what is the best brew for

  • MCKasprzak 5 years ago

    “VERMAPONICS! Is this the Holy Grail of aquaponics?” It was actually an Ebb
    and Flow system, not NFT. My experiment consisted of two 10L buckets. One
    was DWC hydro, fed periodically by the vermiculture bucket above. VC bucket
    was filled with clay pellets and a removable feeding chamber. Worms were
    happy until I began pumping a higher water level in the VC bucket. I wasn’t
    sure that the water level was catching many worm castings. Idiot – should
    have realised that wet food is not tasty to worms!

  • Shane Peart 5 years ago

    any time bro plant looks beautiful tho… i was a bit late but what you did
    worked!!!! so well im trying a compost tea plant this year also…Thank you
    for the updates on your plant

  • vidcool 5 years ago


  • mhpgardener 5 years ago

    LOL…65 degrees? That’s just NOT right. I’m curious how this works out
    too. I know the tea is supposed to have the microbes…but does it have
    enough NPK? Time will tell.

  • dabarisgod 5 years ago

    You don’t even need compost tea. Just get a handful of compost every time
    you water, put it in your bucket/watering can and leave it for about 2
    hours stirring it occasionally. It is the same as gardening, the only
    difference is that more air is getting to the plant roots. I think that all
    these chemicals they use is just to make money.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Turned out pretty good. You can watch part 2 & check out the results. We
    had a real cold summer & it took awhile to get the plant to mature.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Good advice. 🙂

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    I did end up painting it & it seemed to help quite a bit.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Thanks for watching

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Thanks & thanks for watching. do you remember the names of the videos
    you’ve seen ?

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    yea i pretty much figured that, but i am stubborn. if it seems to start
    working than i’ll switch over to a dark bucket. did you try it with compost
    tea ?

  • pistachionut24 5 years ago

    Idea..Try covering the bucket in thick layer of newspaper, or paint it, to
    block the light from the roots.

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    I’m going to do a update on this in a couple of weeks, should be a good
    one, hopefully

  • Austin Family Gardening Channel 5 years ago

    Thanks for the tip ! Might have to give that a try.

  • Brad Gray 5 years ago

    you will have to change the bucket. Been there tried that. I bought buckets
    at lowes, they’re gray.