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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening. Certainly schools in warm areas can be doing outdoors gardening activities right through winter, but most schools around the country have to get creative. Instead of dropping the gardening conversation all together until spring, consider trying some of these ideas to keep the creative gardening juices and excitement flowing. Topics to include in this webinar are propagating plants with kids, creating and caring for terrariums, seed starting under lights, growing microgreens, fun building projects and planning next year’s garden including field trips. Related PostsKeep Calm and Learn How to Grow Kennebec Potatoes in Your Garden!Keep Calm and Learn How to Plant Sangria Watermelon in Your Garden!How to Grow Microgreens Indoors // Growing Your Indoor Garden #1Growing Plants Indoors in the Philippines: Hydroponics, Spacebuckets, Grow Tent and Grow Lightse-GRO Webinar – Growing Lettuce and Culinary Herbs HydroponicallyGrowing a Fig Tree Forest in an Arizona Garden – My Gardening Secrets – LIVE VIDEO!

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