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  • Elliot James 3 months ago

    comes down to the uplink when OGs second best game mode is uplink? makes sense…..

  • Lewis D 3 months ago

    Neymar in the caption

  • I'm Reveal 3 months ago


  • D Rock 3 months ago

    Your not a positive to Optic. Your a neg…

  • Amanda904 3 months ago

    Loved this series! I hope you do the same kind of vlogs for Champs in Orlando. I'm going to be there!

  • Eddie Thompson 3 months ago

    I love that you highlighted the trash talk, everyone was bitching about it but forgot that, that is how things used to be.

  • Ratchit64 3 months ago

    Gotta give props to Proofy grind… The man stays working, good shit man

  • Ya Boy 3 months ago

    I don't get hecz…he's housing mboze and proof knowing they want to play codww2 professionally which means they will be switching orgs like instantly when the game drops…just makes no sense from a business standpoint to give them a platform when you Know they are going to switch up soon

  • RankedAboveU 3 months ago

    Start up optic nation

  • wiles-media 3 months ago

    vision bout to be lit asf

  • Lifereaper7 ! 3 months ago

    Love the commentary on the game! Great Job!!

  • One thing i'd like to see is you reacting to sick plays when the guys are playing. Like when you were watching in the hotel room

  • Tesparza0218 3 months ago

    Maven's energy and how much he just gets into the games makes him one of the best casters

  • shelbo1000 3 months ago

    WOOOOO. And thank you for bending your hat bill.

  • Joseph Keedy 3 months ago

    I thought you were casting

  • bob Mark 3 months ago

    Nobody in the game does anything like Scump or Crim. Scump is one of the best pro players and still has 2mil on youtube. That is unheard of. So give them some slack for not uploading. Let them focus on practice and competing and keep supporting them.

  • Drew Hamilton 3 months ago

    Crim really did do Kap dirty in hangar

  • Grif Spliff 3 months ago

    song at 6:55?