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Small chaff cutter machines for dairy farm MODEL JF 30 P These small chaff cutter for dairy farm is highly efficient, for the farmer that needs an economical solution and excellent cost-benefit relationship. These chaff cutter for dairy farm, have high productivity and are recommended for dairy feeding of the animals and silage making with simplicity. These high speed chaff cutter for dairy farm operate at very high speed, modern machines for upcomming dairy farmers. These chaff cutter machines make all type of foodder, chaff and cut any farm output into small chaff particals that are enjoyed by cow’s, buffalo, goat, Camels etc Dairy cattle are cattle cows bred for the ability to produce large quantities of milk, if good quality of feed is feeded. **The motors/engines are optional and sold separately. SPECIFICATIONS PRODUCTIVITY 500 TO 3500 KG/HR NO OF BLADES 2 CUT SIZE 11 MM POWER REQUIRED 2 HP TYPE MOTOR OR DIESEL ENGINE APPLICATIONS DAIRY FARM COORPORATIVE SOCIETY STABLE ANIMAL HUSBANDERY BENIFITS:- OF JF 30 P CHAFF CUTTER MACHINE HIGH SPEED – FAST WORK LOW POWER REQUIREMENT – SAVE MONEY LESS MAINTAINANCE – HASEL FREE BLADES LONG LIFE – SAVE MONEY AND TIME SUITABLE FOR DAIRY FARM FOR ANIMALS UP TO 5 TO 30 NO. WORDS NO 1 TECHNOLOGY DYNAMICLY BALANCED ROTTOR CAN CUT ALL TYPE OF WET AND DRY FODDER AND GRASS CUTTING TYPES FOR CHAFF CUTTER CAN CUT ALL TYPES OF GRASS AND STEMS UPTO 20 MM DIA. QUALITY FOR CHAFF CUTTER BEST QUALITY OF ITS KING AND HIGH SPEED FEW THINGS ABOUT OUR CHAFF CUTTER FOR DAIRY FARM IN INDIA Chaff cutter machines fodder is good for animals when they relish on it, remain healthy, breed, and produce better milk. Animals are the best mirrors to choose the type and quality of feed and fodder […]

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  • Hội Nguyễn Thanh 6 months ago

    mua ơ đâu nhỉ

  • Farih Mohamed 6 months ago

    hi I am Farih from srilanka. I want to buy this machine. how much is this machine pls let me know the price. my mobile number is +94715160851