Cement and Umbrella Ideas-Magic Garden Design of Recyclable Items

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  • Kelly Carver

    Please know that fish require oxygen in the water. The only way to get that is to have a water pump or to splash the water a lot..will be belly up if not. Get the fry pan ready. Hope you're hungry.

  • Samantha King

    The thing that wrecks it is all that paint and the different colours.hope it's been treated for fish not to get poisoned? Nice idea though but please think of the fish too

  • stefka taskova

    колкото и да пробвам с плат ,при мен не се получава така както го показват на клиповете ,не само на този

  • Denise Warfel

    Too too many commercials. No sound so you dont know the ratio of cement and water. How long you have to wait for the cement to dry, what kind of paint he used.

  • Ксю Ша

    Я наверное ничего в красоте не понимаю., потому что это на мой взгляд убожество

  • tiger8linny

    Those poor, overcrowded fish! No filtration, no way to clean the container and probably, too many of them for the amount of oxygen in the small amount of water!

  • Jackie Lulu

    I like the cement and umbrella idea, but it's all downhill from there. Those poor fishies are gonna die.

  • Найдем и покажем интересное

    За видео спасибо! Интересно! Приглашаем посетить мой канал. Снимаем видео про строительство, дачные дела и другое.

  • Isabel Cristina Vargas Patiño

    Buenísima idea, yo la hubiera terminado en blanco con azul más aguamarina o con el tono de azul de la mesa del lado izquierdo.

  • Gayle Corwin

    What will be remembered about last year will (hopefully) be the insanity of wearing a mask while working alone, outdoors.

  • Linda Dillon

    Your project turned out pretty but I thought the colors were way too vibrant, needs pastels with more of an ocean look. I agree with everyone else about your fish. I had a fish pond (big one) for years and different types fish require certain amount of water and it has to be treated with non toxic products. Those fish will die for sure left in that small of an area, plus the fact all the fresh concrete/cement will definitely kill them. Great idea, but I'm worried more about your fish.

  • Bodżi Przebudzona

    Nie wolno w takich warunkach trzymać ryb. Musi być większe i przezroczyste naczynie, z pompką powietrza i roślinami.

  • Rea Chandler

    A video on artistic animal cruelty. That pond is not large enough for that many fish, no aeration, possibly no shelter from sun, and I'm really hoping the paint/concrete used doesn't leach toxic chemicals!

  • Teknik Servis

    Рвбки без кислорода умрут и там сплашная химия а так красива

  • Валентина Луханина

    Получилось похоже на
    оформление двух могилок…

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